PATIKKA, Neelum Valley (Things to do in Neelum Valley)

  • March 3, 2011


machiara-park_Patika, Zoo, Fishry_Muzaffarabad

Located at a distance of 19 Km from Muzaffarabad, it is a gateway to Neelum valley and can be the first journey break on the way. A mini zoo and a fish hatchery have turned the place into a site of diversions. AJK Tourism Department has constructed a Tourist Rest House here, which is very popular among tourists. Patikka, is first spot after Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley. Two Restaurants on river side are famous among tourists in Patikka known as Marco polo Restaurant Patikka and Green Valley Restaurant Patikka. Both are good for Desi Foods. There is not fast food in Neelum Valley unfortunately except Mr. Cod Muzaffarabad.

Patika_pattika_machaira_park,Muzaffarbad, Zoo Patika

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12 thoughts on “PATIKKA, Neelum Valley (Things to do in Neelum Valley)

  1. I want to visit Naleem valley in this summer I need following informations

    1- up to kel ,shahdra, from where transport will be available and what kind of conveyance will be available
    2- hotels availability in these areas.
    3- i want to go in cooles place of high allitude what pleace in azad kashmir is of this type. I mean like murree and nathiagali.
    4- please also tell me the most beautiful lush green and cool places in azad kashmir with complete travel guide

  2. i want to go to Rawalakot,( Toli Pir and Banjosa Lake) Bagh Lasdana ,Sudhan Gali Muzaffarabad, Neelum Valley on coure
    any body tell me :
    road Condition
    From where i have to start
    how many days consume during my journey i am with family with three children
    i want to go from 23march2012 to on ward
    i am waiting this mail response

    Nadeem Ahmad Badshah

  3. I like to visit neelum vally
    i want to go to Rawalakot,( Toli Pir and Banjosa Lake) Bagh Lasdana ,Sudhan Gali Muzaffarabad, Neelum Valley on coure WITH FAMILY ON 12 FEB CAN ANY BODY HELP WEATHER CONDITION AND SUGGESTIONS

  4. naleem vally is beautiful vally of ajk. rest house and hotel are located in khel, karan, dawareya. Karan is border area and in case of tension no one stay there. Ratti galli is my dream lake, but it is very difficult track toward rati galli. best season in may to end of july.

  5. I would like to visit kashmir in august.
    Where should i go there while being safe as there are females along as well?

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