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Process to get Letter of Invitation or Sponsor letter for Pakistan Visa.

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Pakistan, a country of Himalayas mountain, Rivers, and the Arabian Sea. Bordering with India, China, Iran, and Afghanistan makes it more eminent from a geographical point of view. The routes connected to Europe make it a more attractive place to visit. It is a country with green valleys, arid deserts, and varieties of landscapes.

Now, there is tremendous change in the perception of foreign people. A lot of tourists visited Pakistan in the past few years. The rise of tourists to Pakistan is making a giant positive change in tourism industry and economy situation. According to the British Backpacker Society, Pakistan has been ranked in the Top destination for 2018 and one of the friendliest country.

What is LOI What is the Letter of Invitation (LOI)?

A letter of invitation (LOI) is the first thing you will need if you want to travel to any foreign country. It is a written document issued to the person (or tourist) willing to go to another country. LOI is approved by the ministry of affairs while issued by travel tours and agencies. The procedure starts by applying to the ministry of affairs by travel and tour agencies. But, Ministry of Affairs have a right to postponed or cancel the application without giving an explanation or notice. This Letter is granted to a person with a specific purpose and acts as a “guarantee” that the person will not conduct any illegal activity in the country he is going to visit. Thus, make sure the documents and requirements should be completed before applying.

Why Why is LOI mandatory to visit Pakistan?

A letter of invitation is mandatory for every tourist who wants to explore different places in Pakistan. If the purpose is to meet any friend or family, then you need to request a sponsor letter from that respective friend or host. This Letter is given due to security concerns and some other safety measures.

The purpose of the visit should be clearly mentioned. In case the foreigner visitor did not go back or plan to overstay his visit, then this can put him in any unhappy situation. The only solution is the renewal of his visa. Otherwise, strict measures can be taken by concern authorities for the tourists who stayed illegal in the country.

How to apply How to apply for LOI?

A tourist will need a Letter of invitation (LOI) or Sponsor Letter if he wants to travel to Pakistan, especially to the northern areas of Pakistan. Pakistan has relatively strict visa rules, and no foreign tourists can visit without a Letter of invitation to Pakistan.
The person who is hosting the foreign visitor will have to provide the information, i.e., duration of the stay, place of a visit, other contact information. Also, the host must provide a copy of his Pakistani passport or ID card. The LOI must be duly attested by a Gazetted Government Officer in Pakistan, with also an attested copy of CNIC/NICOP attached.
If the purpose of the visit is other than visiting any friend or family, like tourism, trekking,  then he needs an invitation letter from a registered travel and tour company in Pakistan. The Ministry of Tourism issues the final approval in Pakistan.

Key pointsEssential points for when you apply:

  • Select any authorized and registered travel and tour agency.
  • Complete the required procedure according to their requirement ( Some tour agency give LOI without their tour packages while others don’t)
  • Pay the required amount of fee for LOI. (you can choose credit card or another online transaction option)
  • Send your documents and other credential details like passport number etc.
  • Tour package prices might be different for tourists of different countries.
  • After receiving a Letter of invitation, an applicant can apply for a visa, along with other documents.
  • For more information, the tourist can also contact the nearby embassy ( as documents requirements also can be different for different countries)

Cost How much is the LOI fee for visiting Pakistan?

Most embassies require a letter of invitation from a registered tour company located in Pakistan. You can get in touch with any registered one. The Cost will be around about 70-80$, even can be more in some cases. Some tour operators charge no fee for issuance of LOI upon availing their tour packages.

operator Tour Operators who can offer LOI?

Several travels and tour companies are working in Pakistan who provides the service of issuance of Letter of invitation. A LOI is only valid if issued by an authorized and registered tour company within the region of Pakistan. Some companies only allow LOI if the tourists avail their tour packages as well. In some cases, tour companies charged a high price from the tourist of Europe or America, also from solo or groups.

Block Citizens of which country cannot apply for LOI to Pakistan?

No LOI is possible for the following three countries:

  • Israel. Isreal
  • Afghanistan. Afghanistan
  • Indian citizens. India

NOTE: This also includes people who used to have a passport (Afghan, Israeli or Indian) but have changed citizenship since.

Tourists from these countries can’t get LOI quickly without booking a full tour package. These countries include the USA, Middle East, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Central Asia States, Gulf States, Albania, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania, Bulgaria, and Bangladesh is provided only when they purchase a tour.

So, if you’re planning to visit Pakistan, and you need an Invitation letter from a registered tour operator in Pakistan, then contact us. We will assist you fully from documents to the issuance of a Letter of invitation and also in the visa process. For further details regarding our tour packages and Letter of invitation charges, you can contact us 24 hours.


3 Days 2 Nights Family Tour package to Naran

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About the Package

Naran is located 119 kilometers from Mansehra city and 270 kilometers from Islamabad at the altitude of 8,202 feet. Naran is one of the most scenic town in Pakistan, attracting thousands of tourists, trekkers, photographers and nature-enthusiast, every year. Naran can be considered as base station to scenic destinations like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley.


3 Days Honeymoon package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabadto Naran Naran Naran, Saiful Malook
2 Naran to Jalkhad , visit toLulusirLake Naran Jalkhad, Batakundi, Lulusir, Babusir Top
3 Back toIslamabad Kaghan Valley


Duration: 3 Days

Price: 60,000

Starts From: Islamabad

Ends To: Islamabad

Includes: Guides / Assistance,Complimentary Breakfast,Transportation,Driver,ACCOMODATION (2 Rooms)


Recommended places to visit in Naran by AJK Tours

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Naran valley is the most delightful and beautiful valley. That is the reason it is called virtual heaven, amazingly in perfect state and still untainted by the human. You’ll locate the Himalayan pinnacles covered up with mists or snow, some place you’ll locate the wonderful fable lakes, which will pull in you toward them, and you may choose not to leave this at any cost. Where Kaghan is loaded with grand magnificence there it is brimming with excite and fervor for the mountain climbers and treks. Naran Valley is a 155 kms in length beautiful wonderland. Grandiose pinnacles crown the mountains runs on either side like turrets, extending in range from 12,000 to 17,000 ft and then some, with the eastern range higher than the western. The bed of valley inclines up from 3,000 ft at Balakot, which, in a manner of speaking, the portal of the valley, to 12,000 ft at Gittdas past which the valley crosses at Babusar Pass 14,000 ft. The initial ten miles or so are to a great extent desolate, however when the valley raises to around 5,000 ft woods of pine and fir show up, thickly congested with an assortment of plants, which has won for Kaghan the designations of ‘the botanists heaven’. The woodlands proceed till about Naran 8,000 ft. Discover the recommended places to visit in Naran by AJK Tours


Balakot is located at the foot of the mountains that goes a great many feet above. The toy cabins, that are incredibly roosted on their inclines. On opposite side is the Kunhar River, which goes with all of you along your trip. The waterway is sloppy in the fields yet as you go towards the mountains it progresses toward becoming clearer. The street to Kaghan is terrifying on the grounds that to your left side are the profound inclines to the waterway and on your privilege are the grandiose mountains.


Siri Shogran village is arranged on a green level in northern Pakistan at a tallness of 2,362 meters above ocean level. It is just 07 km from village Kiwai or 27 km from Balakot. The street from Islamabad to Kiwai is metalled and measures 212 km. From Shogran, you can ride a jeep or stallion or climb to a few beautiful spots like Siri. There is a lake too.


Payee Shogran village is arranged on a green level in northern Pakistan at a tallness of 2,362 meters above ocean level. It is just 10 km from village Kiwai or 34 km from Balakot. The street from Islamabad to Kiwai is metalled and measures 212 km. From Shogran, you can ride a jeep or stallion or climb to a few beautiful spots like Siri, Paye and Makra Peak. Hotels and motels are effectively accessible at reasonable expenses. The neighborhood individuals are benevolent and accommodating. Visit AJK Tours to discover more places to visit in Naran.


Most Visited and Best Places to visit in Pakistan

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Every year, more than 907,000 people visit Pakistan and stun themselves with the breathtaking tourist spots of Pakistan. When it comes to tourist spots, here are top 15 tourist spots, most visited per year. 

We arranged a survey on facebook regarding Best Place to visit in Pakistan specially in northern areas of Pakistan. In this survey more than 350 voters took part from different parts of Pakistan. We gave our voters many options including Kashmir, Hunza, Naran, Skardu, Chitral, Murree, Nathiagali, Banjosa Lake, Babusir Top, Swat, Kalam, Deosai, Chilas and K2 Base Camp. Results were as we were expecting. Hunza and Kashmir got 70% of total votes. Hunza got 110 votes where as Kashmir was 2nd with 61 votes.
Result was as given below.


Some of the places are ideal for honeymooners like Hunza and Neelum Valley. And Some of them are famous among family tours like Banjosa, Swat and Nathiagali. Voting details is given below.

Voters for this option






Best places to visit in Naran by AJK Tours

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Naran is a medium measured town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of the Pakistan. It is found 119 kilometers (74 mi) from Mansehra city at the elevation of 8,202 feet (2,500 m). Naran is a standout amongst the most grand spots of Pakistan, pulling in a great many tourists, trekkers, picture takers and nature-fan, each year. The Kunhar River, swollen by ice sheet dissolve, goes through this town as it winds its way through the valley. Naran can be considered as base station to grand goals like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley. Shughal will take you on a virtual of Naran, Kaghan – so you can gather your packs and plan the genuine excursion. Naran and Kaghan valley is around 240 KM far from Islamabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory, Pakistan. Most blazing tourist goal for summers occasions, a great many tourists every year went over this valley to investigate its excellence and to make the most of their get-aways. For the most part attractions are Shogran, Siri Paye, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Babusar Top, Lulusar lake. For night stay Shogran and Naran are best goals, different kinds of hotels accessible, nightlife is astonishing, horse riding, jeep ride for Siri Paye and Saif-ul-Malook are accessible. Here some of the best places to visit in Naran recommended by AJK Tours


At 30 kilometers remove from Balakot a slope station, Shogran is well known for its rich greenery, pine backwoods and all-encompassing perspectives. Shogran temperature stays around 18 Degree Centigrade amid summers. Pine Park Shogran offers best convenience offices in Shogran.

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is green covered land, secured under mists and hypnotizing view of frigid mountains. On your tour to Shogran, must visit Siri Paye Meadows and Siri Lake. Street condition from Shogran to Siri Paye isn’t too great however this place merits seeing.


On your tour to Naran Kaghan Valley, you may not found any fascination in Kaghan. There is little market set along Naran street and all things considered no place to get interested. Lalazaar is a well-known place to visit in Naran however for families, it’s not prescribed by any stretch of the imagination.

Saif ul Malook Lake

High ice sheets lake is situated around 7 Kilometers from Naran Bazaar and is 10,000 ft from ocean level.


Lalazar is a knoll found 13 miles from Naran. What influences this attractive area to visit to be the common environment. Lalazar is situated close to the Neighborhood Mountains and is encompassed by a pine timberland. Visitors have additionally remarked on the stunning perspective of the valley underneath as Lalazar sits at 10,500 feet above ocean level.


River Kunhar:

River Kunhar courses through the focal point of the valley and is found ideal by Naran. Numerous guests appreciate sitting by the lake and getting a charge out of the outside or boating which has additionally turned into a mainstream activity in recent years.


Recommended Places to Visit in Neelum Valley by AJK Tours

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Neelum valley is a standout amongst the most wonderful valleys of Azad Kashmir, and it has a few creeks, freshwater streams, timberlands, lavish green mountains, and a waterway. Here, you see waterfall tumbling down the mountains; their smooth white waters streaming over the streets and sprinkling against the stones, previously blending with the sloppy waters of River Neelum. The Neelum River additionally assumes an extraordinary part in the zone. It’s a provider of water all through the valley yet it is likewise fills in as the outskirt between the two nations. The road and their nearby tenant have an extraordinary structural sense they constructed their home in various and interesting style. Neelum Valley is located at the North and North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are just isolated by snow-secured tops, some more than 4000m above ocean level. Great grand excellence, all-encompassing perspectives, transcending slopes on the two sides of the loud Neelum River, lavish green timberlands, captivating streams and appealing environment make the valley a blessing from heaven. Here are some of the Places in Neelum Valley that AJK Tours recommends to visit.


Keran is situated around 9 kilometers from Athmuqam adrift level of 1524m. The all-encompassing green valley is restrictive in natural life and organic product. Keran is a tranquil spot on side of the waterway with a perfect and slick wooden floor rest house. The yards slant downwards toward the western bank of this stream. Keran likewise contains more than dozen shops alongside phone call and mail station. The stay is comfortable and quiet. The significant fascination of Keran is that the perspective of India is straightforward on waterway’s opposite side.

Neelum Village

Neelum village is located at distance of 2.5 kms from Keran. The valley can likewise be drawn nearer from By-pass beginning from Athmuqam. This place is additionally incredibly known for untamed life, foods grown from the ground consideration of tourists from every last corner of Pakistan. A recreation center and zoo is being worked on. Another commendable component of the region is that the view envelops Kashmir from each point. Attributable to the tourist fascination of the region, AJK Tours Department has arranged a development venture changing over Lower and Upper Neelum into a Resort. Extraordinary consideration has been given to this territory since it’s to a great extent esteemed by individuals originating from around the world.

To wrap things up Kutton or Jagran Valley and its resort. The charming delights of Kutton is arranged in the range of 10 kilo meters, makes Jagran Valley. The zone is 16 kilometers from Kundal Shahi, is available by an unpaved street. For the convenience of tourists, the tourism division has developed two fisherman’s hovels. The Kutton resorts encompasses by the lavish green monster mountains. From the resort Kundal Shahi waterfall can be seen plainly.

fairy meadows honeymoon

Fairy Meadows Guide in Winters

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Mostly fairy meadows hotels are closed in winters. We recommend GreenLand Hotel in fairy meadows and on your request they can open Hotel anytime.  Shangrilla Raikot is absolutely not recommend. For Besham (Hilton and Besham Continental Hotel) both Hotel price will be same around 2500pkr for a room. Shangrilla Chilas may be around 3500-4000pkr.

Waterproof trekking shoes and gaiters are recommended. Get yourself a good down jacket because it gets cold after sun sets. Till fairy meadows its not a big problem we did it without gaiters. But if you plan to go to beyal camp and beyond you are going to need gaiters and long shoes.

Hunza Serena Inn

Places to visit in Hunza Gilgit Baltistan

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Hunza is located in Gilgit Baltistan, almost 560Km away from Islamabad via Naran-Babusir Top and 620km away via Besham-Dasu-Chilas. Its takes 13 hours and 15 hours from islamabad from both routes consecutively. While you travel to Hunza, there are numerous breathtaking spots including 3M, Riakot, Babusir Top, Gilgit. Once you reached at Hunza, must visit following spots.
1. Rakaposhi View

Rakaposhi View Point Hunza Picture
Rakaposhi View
While traveling towards Hunza from Gilgit, after an hour of driving, on the left side of the road, one can see breath taking view of Rakaposhi. There is hotel and restaurant available for tourists.
2. Aliabad Village

Aliabad Hunza
Aliabad village is located just 20mins of drive before Kareemabad Village. Gardens of dry fruit are major attraction of the town.
3. Karimabad Village
Karimabad Village Hunza GB Pakistan

Kareemabad village is the main town in Hunza, where you can see traditional culture of locals, their wearing, home structure and their lifestyle will attract you.
4. Altit Fort: 
Altit fort is one of the must visit places in Hunza Kareemabad Village, its royal garden, local traditional restaurant, awesome view from the fort will be worth visiting.

5. Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is also historic and architectural beauty situated in Karimabad Village. Ancient Fort was built in 8th CE and now enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Tentative list.
6. Eagle’s Nest
Places_to_visit_in_Hunza_Picture_eagle-Nest If you visited Hunza and did not visit Duikar Village, then you missed the tour’s major attraction. One can witness the beauty and Panoramic View of Hunza from Duikar Village, that is why it is called Eagle’s Nest.
7. Attabad lake

Attabad Lake is must visit place in Hunza, plenty of tourists visit Hunza and enjoy boating at Hunza Attabad Lake. Attabad Lake is situated on just 45 mins of drive from Kareemabad (Altit Fort).
8. Sost

Sost is also read is Sust is located in Gojal Valley (Upper Hunza). Sost is used a base camp for visiting Khunjerab China border. There are many standard hotels available for night stay. Distance between Khunjerab and Sost is almost 87km and from Hunza to Sost the distance is 90km.
9. Passu Cones
Passu is just 50km away from Hunza, located in Upper Hunza Gojal Valley, 15km away from Gulmit. Cones shaped mountains in Passu making it worth staying and worth visiting. There are limited but better hotels options are available in Passu.

10. Khunjerab Top (China Border).
Khunjerab Top a.k.a China Border is the last destination of Karakorum highway in GB. It is 180km away from Hunza and 87km away from Sost. Many people from across the Pakistan visit GB just to visit Khunjerab Top.
To Book your tour packages, Car Rentals in Hunza, Hotels in Hunza Call Now: 03455889945

Naltar Lake (Rainbow Lake) Satrangi Lake

Rainbow Lake Aerial Shots through DJI MaviC 2 Pro Drone depicting the numerous vibrant colours this magnificent Lake holds .Satrangi lake~Rainbow Lake is one of most beautiful lakes which are located in magnificent Naltar valley. The road towards lake is a 4×4 track and in pretty bad shape. On the way towards lake there are many breath taking views. Snow covered high peaks, lush green meadows, Pine trees and crystal clear water stream. As you reach the lake scene becomes more beautiful. The lake has many different colors. One will remember the place life time after visit.
Picture credits: Usman Javed Ch


Travel Guide to Amazing and worth visiting Neelum Valley | AJKTOURS

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Neelum Valley (وادیِ نیلم) is also knows as blue gem of Pakistan. Neelum Valley is one of the most visited areas among northern areas of Pakistan.Neelum is the district of Azad Kashmir situated almost 90km away from its Capital. Neelum is almost 180km away from Islamabad and it takes 7 hours of drive to reach there by road. There is no airport facility for tourists. Book your tour packages to Neelum Valley on discounted rates through AJKTOURS.

Route to Neelum Valley:

From Islamabad one will have to travel Muzaffarabad via Murree-Expressway and Kohala. Then Via Neelum Road, can reach to Kutton the first village of Neelum Valley.

Places to Visit in Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is very rich when it comes to sight seeing. Waterfalls, River side accommodations, Lush Green areas, Snow covered peaks, Thick Jungles and Lakes are main attractions for tourists in Neelum Valley.  Some of them are mentioned in detail below.


Patikka is almost 17km away from Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley. It takes only 20 mins of drive from Muzaffarabad. Main attractions are Mini Zoo, Trout Fish Form and Morcopollo Hotel and Restaurant on river side. No proper hotel to stay is available there.

Dhani Waterfall:

Dhani Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfall in Neelum Valley. Almost 33km away (45 mins of drive) from Muzaffarabad. Tuck shop is also available for tourists over there.  No accommodation to stay is available there.

Neelum Jhelum Project:

Neelum Jhelum Dam is situated in Nousery , almost 40km (50 mins of drive) from Muzaffarabad. One can see the mega infrastructure of the DAM from road side. Hotel stay is not available there.


Chillina cross point is almost 50km (1 hour of drive) from Muzaffarabad. One can see Indian Occupied Kashmir, Indian Army, Indian Flags, Check posts and local life of IOK villagers across the river from road side. This is the main and unique attraction of the area. Not hotels is available there.

Kutton Waterfall:

Kutton waterfall also known as Kundan Shahi Waterfall is almost 85km (2.5 hours of drive) from Muzaffarabad. It is heaviest waterfall of the valley and local people call it Niagara Falls of Pakistan. To see it in its best blossom, one should visit in peak summer. Jagran Resort is the best accommodation/Hotel in Neelum Valley. However State Continental hotels is also good enough to stay.
Kutton Waterfall Kundal Shahi


Keran is on a distance of 90km (3 hours of drive) from Muzaffarabad. One of the most rushy area of Neelum Valley. You can see IOK across the river. Mostly hotels offers river view rooms there, so tourists prefers to have first night stay at Keran during their trip to Neelum Valley. Best hotel in Keran is Pine Park Lodges and PTDC Resorts. There are more than 50 hotels available there.

Upper Neelum:

Upper Neelum, Neelum Valley

Upper Neelum is situated just 2km away (uphill) from Keran. People do hiking towards Upper Neelum from Keran just for their fun and excursion purpose. However you can take your car to Upper Neelum in just 10 mins of time. One can have bird’s eye view of Keran Valley from Upper Neelum.  Green Village Resort and PTDC/Tourism Department Huts are best available places to stay in Upper Neelum.


Dawarian is almost 10km away from Keran, and from where you can get your jeep on rent towards Ratti Galli Lake. Some of the hotels are also available for the facilitation of tourists but are not in that much good condition.

Ratti Galli Lake:

Ratti Galli is 23km away from Dawarian and it takes 3 hours of Safari jeeps ride to reach there from Dawarian. Camps are available for night stay, but only in summer. Ratti Galli remains open from May to September.


Sharda Neelum Valley

Sharda is 40km away from Keran (3 hours of drive). Night life of Sharda is famous as compared to all other destinations. One can enjoy boating and jet ski there. Surgan, Maidaan, Kishan Ghatti, Sharda Temple (Sharda University- Sharda Peth) are places to visit in Sharda.


There are so many hotels in Sharda, that every one can find hotel according to their budget.  Best hotel to stay in Sharda is Neelum Star Hotel and Benazir Palace Hotel.


Kel is 20km away from Sharda and it takes 1.5 hours through jeep there. It is considered as base camp to visit Taobat, Arrang Kel and Chitta Katha Lake. There are also many hotels for night stay but accommodation standard is very low, so one has to compromise when it comes to basic amenities. Oreintal View, Green Valley View and PTDC/Tourism Guest house are better options for night stay there.

Arrang Kel:

Arrang Kel, Neelum Valley

It takes 1.5 hours of hiking from Kel to Arrang Kel as there is no road towards the village.

Places-to-visit-in-Neelum_Valley- Places-to-visit-in-Neelum_Valley-- Places-to-visit-in-Neelum_Valley-0

The most fascinating spot of Neelum Valley. Tourists name is “Heaven on Earth”. There is local Cable Car service is also avialable, but not reliable.

Though it reduces the travel (hiking) time to just 30 mins. Musk Deer Resort is better option to stay there.


The Magical Taobat, Neelum Valley

Taobat is the last village of Neelum Valley. It is 40km away from Kel and takes 3.5 hours on Jeep. Though you reach there after a very hectic and bumpy track, but it is worth taking all the tiredness and adventure.


Its lush green meadows, thick woods and crystal clear water streams do a magical spell on visitors. There are couple of guest houses in Taobat, but one is recommended to stay back in Sharda or Kel.

Rent  a Car in Neelum Valley:

You can park your own car in Keran or Sharda and hire a Jeep onwards.
Jeeps Fleet:
Sharda to Kel: Jeep Rent: 5000PKR
Sharda to Taobat: Jeep Rent: 9000PKR
Kel to Taobat: 8000PKR
Cable Car Rent: 100PKR

Places to visit in Neelum Valley:

All the places mentioned above are worth visiting specially Taobat, Arrang Kel, Sharda and Keran.

Places to Stay (Hotels) in Neelum Valley.

There are more than 200 hotels across Neelum Valley. You can book them through us on discounted rates and neutral reviews. Neelum Valley hotels are not that much good as compared to Naran and Kaghan.Neelum Valley hotels are enlisted here. In off seasons hotels are being booked on low prices almost in 3500 per night and in peak season average room rent is 5000.

Best time to visit Neelum Valley:

Neelum Valley remains open through out the year but most suitable time to visit Neelum Valley is in between April and October.

How to plan your tour to Neelum Valley:

You can book our Neelum Valley Tour Packages. We offer special discounts on tour packages to Neelum Valley from Karachi. One can plan a 3 Days tour, 4 Days, 5 Days, 6 Days or even 7 days tour to Neelum Valley.

Distance to Neelum Valley from Islamabad

Distance from Islamabad to Neelum Valley (Keran) is almost 210km (7 hours of drive).

We have written a comprehensive article on how to choose a hiking insoles here:

To Book Hotels, Rent a Car or Tour Package to Neelum Valley, we are just one Call away: 03455889945 or drop us an email at [email protected] 



Top 10 Places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan

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Skardu and Hunza are mainly popular areas in GB.  Both are too rich when it comes to sightseeing. It is very hard to choose only 1o of them, but some how after a survey we gathered top 10 spots in GB that are given as per below.

1. Deosai
2. Shangrilla
3. Hunza
4. Fairy Meadows
5. Khunjrab
6. Attabad Lake
7. Nagar Valley
8. Skardu
9. Minimarg
10. Shimshal


To Book your tour packages, Car Rentals in Hunza, Hotels in Hunza Call Now: 03455889945