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3 Day Tour package to Shogran

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3 Days Tour Package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad  to Shogran Shogran Balakot , Kiwai, Shogran
2 Day Tour Siripaye Shogran Siri-Paye
3 Back to Islamabad   Balakot, Mansehra, Abbottabad, Local sightseeing
Total Cost : PKR. 36,000 including transport(Xli)  and Accommodation(1 Room)

Astonishing Naran Tour Packages by AJK Tours

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AJK Tours is the best making a trip and tourism organization to engage you with the best packages and arrangements in extremely sensible costs. AJK Tours have been in the field throughout recent years and is cherished by its customers for its neighborly staff and group individuals and additionally stunning arrangements and decision of rich inns sustenance and autos. AJK Tours presents the best yet moderate Naran Tour Packages to engage its clients to their fullest prerequisite. AJK Tours likewise have denoted its name in the field with their advanced innovations and administrations by furnishing its clients with online appointments and bookings for their most loved lodgings and resorts.

Naran is a medium measured town arranged in upper Kaghan Valley which is a piece of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory of Pakistan. It is a standout amongst the most delightful parts of northern regions in Pakistan which is hoisted 2500 meters above ocean level. Its excellence catches many individuals towards itself and along these lines it is a renowned resort for tourists and trekkers. The climate of Naran is extremely chilly. The ice on the peaks never softens, even in periods of June and July there are ice sheets and mountains are secured with snow. The street to Naran valley goes close by with River Kunhar, which Starts from the icy masses of Kaghan and stream where it counts in Mansehra. The neighborhood dialects of Naran Valley are Hindko and Gojri however every person over yonder can talk and comprehend Urdu.

The best places to visit in Naran are to picturesque goals like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, LalazarBabusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley. Shughal will take you on a virtual of Naran, Kaghan. The totally staggering Lake Saif-ul-Malook, flabbergasts you. The AnsooJheel in Naran, Kaghan is a tear molded lake that astounds with its normally structure. Lalazar considers of the lavish green knolls nearby the stream. The Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains) is the most elevated top in Naran, Kaghan. Noori Top, Naran is the door that associates Naran to Neelam Valley. Dudipatsar Lake (Queen of the Lakes) is likewise an essential tourist spot in the Naran, KaghanValley.The Sat-Sar Mala Lakes (6 lakes in a single place) is the embodiment of blending waters. Naran is a place loaded with awesome nature focuses to hypnotize the human eye.

AJK Tours allow you to visit every one of these spots in their Naran Tour Packages. We make a point to give our clients the best rich inns and stunning sustenance of the town with the office to investigate all around by through rental jeeps and autos. AJK Tours is considered by its customers for its dependable valuing packages aggressive to others in the market including all extravagances at one stop. AJK Tours brings the best out of any tour intend to influence their clients to appreciate the fullest with astounding arrangements and investigating visit lanes.

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Best reliable Naran tour packages offered by AJK Tours

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Naran is a medium measured town arranged in upper kaghan valley which is a piece of Khyber Pakhtun khwa region of Pakistan. It is a standout amongst the most lovely piece of northern zones in pakistan which is lifted 2500 meters above ocean level. Its magnificence catches many individuals towards itself and consequently it is a well known resort for tourists and trekkers. The climate of Naran is exceptionally cool. The ice on the moutain best never liquefies, even in long stretches of June and Jully there are ice sheets and mountains are secured with snow. The street to naran valley travells nearby with River Kunhar which Starts from the ice sheets of Kaghan and stream where it counts in mansehra. If you are planning to visit Naran then contact AJK Tours for best Naran tour packages.

The Inhabitant of Naran Valley are essentially Gujars and you will discover them exceptionally liberal and well-meaning. They respect the tourists pleasantly and treats them like their own friends. Their principle wellspring of wage is the tourists and their occupations incorporate tour guides, resthouse administrators, businesspeople, eatery laborers, jeep drivers, some of them additionally develop yields and some of them are shepherds. However, their entire fortune is simply gotten together in the late spring season as in winters the entire zone is concealed in snow and they need to move down to mansehra or some other hoter put. Ladies are housewifes for the most part remains at home. You will also discover just a single govt grade school where a portion of the nearby’s youngsters went for considering. Next to that there was no arrangement of instruction overthere.

The fundamental things of Naran valley are dry foods grown from the ground. One of the handiworks you should purchase are the imaginatively cut Walnuts and another well known thing is the Namdas, the woolen felt mats while woolen shawls, weaved shawls and shirts are likewise avalibale. These places have bungalow businesses running and you can wind up having astounding deals.

Naran tour packages by AJK Tours also include a little bazaar like Murree shopping center street. The essential necessities of life are promptly accessible at there. Cell systems, portable shopes, pastry kitchen, general store, tailors and even hair stylists are accessible in the primary bazar. It has more than 100 hotels of different sorts going from top of the line lavish hotels to low evaluated motels. Tent motels are additionally present which lease family measure tents to tourists to remain in.

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Best Naran Tour Packages by AJK Tours

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Naran Kaghan Tours at the present time the most happening and demanding Tour in Northern Pakistan. Naran Kaghan Shogran Valley is residential community in high grounds of Kaghan Valley. Naran Valley is 119 kilometer from Manshera City. This town is picturesque and most well known tourist fascination of Pakistan. AJK tour trusts Naran Valley is celebrated because of its area as it can be come to in only one single day from capital city of Pakistan , Islamabad. AJK tours gives the best of Naran Tour Packages. Naran Kaghan valley is relying upon Kunhar River which is additionally called as Naran River. Naran Valley is for the most part popular in light of its tranquil areas, lake saiful malook, lake Lulusar, Babusar Top and particularly Trout Fish. Trout Fish is sent out everywhere throughout the world from this Tourist area of Pakistan. Many of the people enamored with angling can attempt their fates by angling poles in Kunhar River as waterway stream is very smooth and exceptionally chilled. AJK tour encourages you with all these vaccationing in their Naran tour packages.

Ajk tours tries its best to guarantee to furnishes it clients with best of Naran Tour Packages . Naran is best known for its tranquil so Ajktours gives best lodgings that gives clients its needs and needs and give the best of the perspective of The excellent Naran . Ajktours dependably remember to give best offices at reasonable rates in their Naran tour Packages with Ajktours give all offices like Rental autos giving agreeable transport to the simplicity of Ajktour’s clients , Options for best Food and in addition breakfast and a total guide for tour to each delightful place to Naran. What’s more, giving jeep too to the precarious zones of Naran and stunning touring perspectives to appreciate the full Naran tour Packages.



AjJK tour has been putting forth different Naran Tour packages in light of value, Hotels, method of transportations and number of days therefore making it workable for Couples, Families and corporate gathering to visit and investigate most went to place of Northern zones of Pakistan in better than average spending plan. All the more then 100 Positive Reviews on Facebook is declaration to our mark administrations .


Naran tour packages by AJK tours are accessible all around the cleander along these lines Summer session is perfect for going by Kaghan valley as a result of its pleasurable temperature. In winters you cannot go past Naran on the grounds that streets are hindered because of snow. Amid summer session you can without much of a stretch go till Babusar Pass because of open street. Consequently June to September is a perfect time to visit Kaghan Valley.

AJK tour gives it’s clients the best and most moderate yet luxourious lodgings in their Naran Tour packages.There are numerous different inns and rest houses in Naran including PTDC MOTEL, HOTEL SILVER GLEAM, PINE TRACK HOTEL, VALLEY GATEWAY HOTEL. GRANDEOUR HOTEL is a moderate lodging in Naran and Ajktours dependably remember to give best with reasonable rates.

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Reasonable Naran tour packages by AJK Tours

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Pakistan’s well known Naran Valley and Kaghan Valley are among the nation’s best tourist goals for 2018. All things considered, AJK Tours offers different Naran tour packages that feature probably the loveliest areas in the twin valleys. Naran Valley and Kaghan Valley both offer an assortment of areas and exercises to investigate with waterway boating, sailing and various treks for a wide range of members. In reality, AJK Tours Naran Kaghan Tour Packages include perfect lakes in both valleys; such lakes are: Anso Lake, Lake Saif ul Mulook, Lulusar Lake, Dudipat Sar Lake and Saral Lake.

Moreover, aside from these lakes, Naran Valley and Kaghan Valley both offer other excellent areas too and any Naran Kaghan Tour is inadequate without likewise going by Babusar Top, Batakundi, Lalazar and Jalkhad. Any AJK Tours trek to Naran Kaghan is suited to an assortment of buyers and tour packages can be redone for families, companions and honeymooners. Truth be told, Naran Kaghan Honeymoon Packages are a blockbuster with a plenitude of spots to visit in the delightful valleys.

We have an armada of Top Class extravagance and prudent autos and jeeps which have capacity to go to any piece of Northern territories of Pakistan. The limit of our autos goes between 2 individuals for couples and upto 70 individuals if there should be an occurrence of family trips. Our staff gives full help to the customer before,during and after the tour. Our staff is continually ready to help and is comfortable helping our clients all day, every day. AJK Tours best Pre-Tour , During Tour and Post Tours Customer Support. We have commit drivers and Tour-Guide administrations and we are constantly here at the back end to take care of issues pertinent to Hotel , Car , Management and some other issue.

Little villages speck the valley that has an amazing mosque and sanctuary. A delightful stream runs the length of the valley with timberland and glades ruling the scene, and various pinnacles that span more than 17,000 feet in the sky. This is a charmingly remote territory where natural life proliferates. Intriguing bazaars are in the little villages and water crafts are accessible for lease at the lake. The valley expands 155 km ascending from a rise of 2,134 m to its most noteworthy point, Babusar Pass, at heights of 4,173 m. Couple, Family or Group of people can profit this journey as private Tour. As a trusted travel stage, AJK Tours interfaces Pakistan’s energetic societies and intriguing scenes with whatever is left of the world.


Best places in Naran and tour packages by AJK Tours

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At 7,888 feet above ocean level, Naran is the fundamental focus of tourism in the Kaghan Valley. It is found 85 kilometers from Balakot. The town is arranged on the bank of Kunharriver is additionally perfect for trout fishing and arranged simple review rive on the bank of the Kunhar River at a point where the valley extends. The stream is additionally very smooth here and perfect for trout angling and simple review waterway rafting. With reliable Naran tour packages by AJK Tours and more than 100 hotels of various classifications and a 60 beds limit Youth Hostel.

Naran is without question the primary base for most tourists. There is one focal bazaar where every one of the shops, eateries and hotels are arranged. Naran winds up alive just in summer beginning in late May, when the snow liquefies and the street to Naran ends up acceptable. In winter greater part of the populace slips to hotter atmospheres of Balakot and Mansehra. Most guests remain in Naran for a couple of days while getting a charge out of the different day trips to Lake Saiful Muluk, Lalazar, Lake Lulusar and Babusar Pass. There are likewise a few short strolls and treks around Naran.

Somewhat in front of Paras, Shinu is a place which has a trout incubator. This is one of the most seasoned incubation centers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Fisheries Department. It is from this incubation center that darker trout and rainbow trout are loaded in the upper Kunhar River, Lake Saiful Muluk, Lulusar, Dudupat Sar. In the event that you need to have a more intensive take a gander at this delightful fish you can make a short stop at Shinu incubator which is found appropriate out and about along the stream bank.

No trek to Kaghan Valley is finished without a visit to the incredible Lake Saiful Muluk. The lake is named after Prince Saif-ul-Muluk. Who experienced passionate feelings for a pixie from the mountains. The most elevated crest in Kaghan Valley, the grand Malika Parbat has a tallness of 529! meters. Words can’t depict the excellence and serenit_y of the setting and picture postcards do no equity. The crystalline waters of Lake Saiful Muluk reflecting the encompassing snow secured mountains is a picture that must be seen in person.There are a few approaches to achieve the lake. At the edge of the valley toward the east of Naran, an I0 kilometer track leads through a picturesoue valley. A jeep can be leased in the bazaar and driven up in 60 minutes, or the more courageous can stroll to a little ice sheet around 3 km up and employ a horse for the trek. Strolling the whole way is likewise an alternative, and takes around three hours for the 8 km trek. This choice is just for the individuals who are sufficiently fit to move around 3000 feet in eight kilometers. There are a few decent trekking openings from Lake Saiful Muluk. See Naran tour packages at AJK Tours to get more deals and discounts.