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  • May 6, 2011

Hazrat Baba Shaadi Shaheed RA

The shrine of Baba Shadi Shaheed is situated 20 km away out side Bhlmber city in Samahni valley “Aadi Dhak” on Bhimber Samahni valley road,

The actual name of the saint was Raja Shadas Khan but is well known Ifamous as Baba Shaadi Shaheed, He is said to be born during the firsthalfofthe 15 century,

The saint enjoys I carries great deal of respect as a spiritual figure, His spiritual and religious strength brought thousands of non­Muslims into the fold of Islam, The saint preached the ethical values of tolerance, brotherhood and respect for humanity to his followers, The saint had never fallen victim to worldly pursuits and lust. His most memorable service was to bring the infidels in to the fold of Islam,

Hazrat Phar Badshah RA

Hazrat Sain Phar Badsha belonged to the region of Dab Sadoha, in Tehsil and District Bhimber, The shnne is situated outside Gandi Chontra at a distance of almost 3 kms towards South East. The shrine of Hazrat Baba Shaadi Shaheed is also situated nearby, His miracles are well known among his followers, the shrine is visited by pilgrims every now and then,

His soul came to rest on April 11- 1975 and his annual URS (gathering I congregation) is celebrated in June with great SOlemnity, His devotees and family members also founded a university which provides the religious and general basic education according to the modern trends.

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