Neelum Valley, Kel Hotels Booking

  • February 6, 2011


19 kilometers journey from Sharda, upstream takes one to Kel. It is a small valley at the height of 2097 meters. This is another picturesque place in the Neelum Valley. The Shounter Nullah joins river Neelum at this place and leads to Gilgit Agency over the Shounter Pass (4,420 meter). Kel is also a base camp of mountaineering activities up to “Sarawaali Peak” 6326 meters above sea level and “Sarawaali Glacier” (about 25kms long) which are said to be the highest peak and biggest glacier of Azad Kashmir.

Buses ply daily on this route. It is advisable to hire a jeep from Athmaqam for a trip in to the Valley. Horses and ponies can also be hired locally for travel to the interior of the Neelum Valley. Banks, College, Hospital, Bazar, PCO and a Tourist Motel are available here.

The village about 38 km ahead of Kel, is a fascination yet unexplored. Halmat, Tao Butt, Janawai, and Sardari are the most beautiful places around here. A tourist rest house has been constructed at Halmat to provide accommodation facilities to the visitors.

(Note): Some of the tourist places of Neelum Valley are situated in the range of Line of Control (LoC), therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to visit these areas. So before visiting the valley, the visitors are required to get permission from concerned department. For bookings of hotels in Kel, Neelum Valley please contact us on the information given below.

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5 thoughts on “Neelum Valley, Kel Hotels Booking

  1. We want to go to Neelam Valley.we shall come from Lahore. Please urgently suggest Route to be taken.
    Further, if we enter from Murree, what are your advises?

    Prof. Khalid Omar
    Cell 92-300-4480693

  2. We are going to visit Neelam Valley this week end.Please suggest Route to be taken from Lahore.
    Further, if we enter from Murree, what shall be route?
    We want to know Tourist Hut in Neelam Valley.
    Please reply urgently

    Prof. Khalid Omar
    Cell 0300-4480693
    Prof. Khalid Omar

  3. I want to visit neelum valley with family during the month of October. I will start my journey either from Islamabad or Murree. I want to hire jeep from uthmuqam. Your favorable advise please.


  4. hi can we go Neelum velley in this month.please tell me there situation.our college tour can go threre now….hwz weather there….

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