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Hunza Embassy Hotel Hunza
  • March 29, 2018

Hunza is very famous for its hospitality services, in summer, you wont be able to find hotels on arrival (as a walk in guest). Hoteling and Hospitality is in the blood of Hunza people. We compared almost 50 hotels in Hunza, almost more than 50 hotels are operating there.  We ranked hotels after ajktours’ user’s reviews, price range, amenities hotels offers, location of the hotels. Competition for best hotels was among Serena Hotel Hunza, Eagle’s Nest, Darbar hotel Hunza, Hunza Embassy Lodges & Motel, Hunza View Hotel, Hill Top Hotel Hunza.

1Hunza Serena Hotel (32500 per night)

Most awesome location with awesome view. Featuring hot and cold running water, centralized heating.

2Hunza Darbar Hotel(22500 per night)

Equipped with all basic amenities, Valley View rooms and one with VIP services.

3Hunza Embassy Lodges & Hotel (25500 per night)

One of the most luxurious accommodation in Hunza. Executive stream view rooms with superb services.

4Gulmit Continental Hotel,(19500 per night)

On the edge of Jheel road, having view of water stream, Deluxe rooms with restaurant and WiFi facility.

5Hunza View Hotel Karimabad (9500 per night)

Hunza View Hotel is situated in Karimabad Gilgit Baltistan. Hotel is located on the edge, where you can have fantastic view of Hunza Valley from your rooms. Rooms are fully furnished and fully equipped with every basic facility. The main feature of the Hotel is it is cost effective as compared to other hotels in Hunza Valley.

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