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  • May 6, 2011


Hazrat Baji Alaf Din (RA)

The shrine of the saint is in kotli, known as the city of mosques. He was born in the village katelia Sharif in the Kaghan valley. His life showed deep effects of the teaching of Hazrat Datta Gung Duksh (RA) Syed Ali Hajveri. It is believed that the saint had the honour of having a meeting with Hazrat Khizer. Moreover, his back is said to carry the prints of the hands of Hazrat Khizar (AS). Durring the tyrannical rule of the dogras people used to visit the saint to seek divine help in order to get ride of misery. Consequently, the Dogras left the region. In this way, the saint attained enormous fame. The book entitled “Galva-e- Khizar” written by Master Muhammad Sharif carries detailed/ account of the pious saint.

Hazrat Mai Toti Sahiba (RA)

The shrine of the saint is located at Pandli sharif which is a place 4km ahead of Khui Ratta (district Kotli) Khoi Ratta is a town 38km away from kotli. The Shrine is visited by a large number of pilgrims.

The actual date of birth of the saint can not be ascertained. (There is great deal of Speculation about the date of birth of saint). However, date of death is said to be 15th of Ramazan1931. Her father belonged to be region of Dahvna, Tehsil and District Kotli. On the personal request of Hazrat Sain Kamal Badshah, the name of the saint was changed as Mai Toti Sahiba. She used to observed meditation for several hours in the nearby Nullah of Baur Shana. Thus she spent the major part of her life in prayers and meditation (Chilla). It is said that she spent sixty year alone n Jungles and desolate place to seek favour of God. She was the follower of Sain Kamal Badshah. She was a miraculous figure. Hundreds of miracles are attribute to her. The annual URS is observed in June jof every year with great zeal and fervour.

Hazrat Shah Kalu Badshah (RA).

The shrine has been a place of interest among devotees for more than a century. His native town was Bharen. The saint possessed/ showed keen interest in visiting different place. He was a complete saint/ wali whose prayers resulted in cure of diseases among common people. Thus a large number of people belonging to far flung areas used to visit him during his life time. The shrine is located in the beautiful village of Sarsawa.8/9kms outside kotli.

Hazrat Sain Godri Badshah (RA)

The Shrine of the saint is situated at Sia Sharif. Though the actual/ real name of the saint is unknown, however, he is commonly known as “Godri Badshah”. It is said that in order to meet his devotees he used to travel by a Paalki (a wooden structure used to travel) which is believed to be carried by some invisible creatures (perhaps the invisible firy creatures).

Hazrat Baba Sher Shah (RA)

The Shrine of the saint is located near the Bus Stand in Kotli city.

The saint belonged to the Syed family. The shrine is visited by a large number of pilgrims on every Thursday. (There are various accounts of his miracles). Various inspiring tales regarding his miracles are narrated by his devotees. Hazrat Baba Jamal Shah (RA)

The Shrine of Hazrat Baba Jamal Shah is located / situated adjacent to the shrine of Hazrat Baba Sher Shah. He belonged to the Syed family which is settled in the areas of Chaoni and Gawan Syedan. Though he passed away ninty years ago yet is still spiritually alive among his followers with reference to his miracles.

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