Challiana Neelum Valley

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Challiana Neelum Valley

Challiana Neelum Valley

Do you think its any picnic spot and people enjoying there?You will be surprised to know that its the border area called Challiana(Neelum Valley) where people of both villages(From Azad Kashmir and Indian held Kashmir) shout messages across to their family members for. This is the closest they can get to them.

You can see Indian flags, Indian Army, Indian Cannons across the border. Divided by the Line of Control (LoC) that separates the two parts of Kashmir, people from this small village can never meet each other. The Challiana village is spread on both sides of LoC. The border divides this village in to its Azad Kashmir and IOK parts. People wait for the winter when the flow and sound of the river gets slow, so that they can easily shout messages to their loved ones across the border.

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