Naran Skardu Attraction A Paradise

  • April 24, 2024

Introduction to Naran and Skardu

Nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, Naran and Skardu are two picturesque destinations in Pakistan that captivate travelers with their unparalleled beauty and adventure opportunities. Both destinations offer a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes, serene lakes, and thrilling activities, making them ideal spots for honeymooners, families, and adventure enthusiasts. Ajk Tours offer Skardu Tour Packages, Family Tour Packages, Honeymoon Tour packages and Corporate tour Packages for domestic and international Cients.

Exploring the Attractions

For honeymooners seeking a romantic escape, Book Naran Kaghan Tour Package. Naran and Skardu offer enchanting vistas and serene surroundings, perfect for creating lasting memories. Couples can indulge in leisurely walks by the crystal-clear lakes or enjoy a cozy stay in one of the charming cottages nestled amidst lush greenery. Book Family Tour Packages.

Family tour packages to Skardu provide an excellent opportunity for bonding amidst nature’s wonders. From the majestic Deosai National Park to the enchanting Shangrila Resort, there’s something for everyone in Skardu. Families can enjoy boating on the serene Satpara Lake or embark on a thrilling jeep safari to explore the rugged terrain of Skardu. 3 Days trip to skardu.

Adventure seekers flock to Skardu for its adrenaline-pumping activities. From trekking amidst towering peaks to white-water rafting in the icy rivers, Skardu offers a plethora of adventures for thrill-seekers. The world-famous trek to Concordia and K2 Base Camp is a must-do for seasoned trekkers. book By tour to skardu.

Planning Your Visit

Reaching Skardu is relatively convenient, with multiple options available. Travelers can opt for a Skardu tour package from Karachi, Islamabad, or Lahore, depending on their location. From Karachi, flights to Skardu are available, offering a convenient and time-saving option for travelers. book Skardu tour Package from Karachi.

The best time to visit Skardu is during the summer months, from May to September, when the weather is pleasant, and most of the attractions are accessible. However, adventure enthusiasts may prefer the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn for trekking and other outdoor activities. Skardu Tour Package from Islamabad.


Naran and Skardu are truly gems of Pakistan, offering an unparalleled mix of natural beauty and adventure. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Naran and Skardu have something to offer for everyone. Plan your trip today and immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of these breathtaking destinations. Book Skardu Tour Package.

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