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Hotels in Neelum Valley

Hotels Near River in Neelum Valley

Hotels in Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is the most frequently visited area among tourists while their Azad Kashmir tour.

Muzaffarabad (3500/room/night)
Musafir Khana Guest House Muzaffarabad
Rooftop Guest House Muzaffarabad
Kashmir Lodges Guest House Muzaffarabad
State Continental Guest House Kutton (4000/room)
Jagran Resort (3500/room)
Sweet Dreams guest House Kutton (3500/room/night)
Keran (4000/room/night)
Pine Park Lodges Keran (6000/room/night)
Neelum Green Land Hotel Keran
Perfect Continental Resort, Keran
Athmaqam (3500/room/night)
DreamLand Guest House Shahkot
Accommodation in Sharda (4000/room)
Gash Valley Guest House Sharda
State Continental Guest House Sharda
Zoom Guest House Sharda
Kel (3500/room/night)
Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel Neelum Valley
Rawalakot (4500/room/night)
Gulf Palace Hotel Rawalakot
Banjosa Night Bridge Hotel Rawalakot

Disclaimer : For any type of accommodation provided to the client(e.g private or government rest houses); client is charged for the standard rent and our service charges, that may differ depending upon the region

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