Hotels in Neelum Valley

Green Village Resort Keran
  • May 9, 2016

Neelum Valley is the most frequently visited area among tourists while their Azad Kashmir tour.

Muzaffarabad (3500/room/night)
Musafir Khana Guest House Muzaffarabad
Rooftop Guest House Muzaffarabad
Kashmir Lodges Guest House Muzaffarabad
State Continental Guest House Kutton (4000/room)
Jagran Resort (3500/room)
Sweet Dreams guest House Kutton (3500/room/night)
Keran (4000/room/night)
Pine Park Lodges Keran (6000/room/night)
Neelum Green Land Hotel Keran
Perfect Continental Resort, Keran
Athmaqam (3500/room/night)
DreamLand Guest House Shahkot
Accommodation in Sharda (4000/room)
Gash Valley Guest House Sharda
State Continental Guest House Sharda
Zoom Guest House Sharda
Kel (3500/room/night)
Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel Neelum Valley
Rawalakot (4500/room/night)
Gulf Palace Hotel Rawalakot
Banjosa Night Bridge Hotel Rawalakot

Disclaimer : For any type of accommodation provided to the client(e.g private or government rest houses); client is charged for the standard rent and our service charges, that may differ depending upon the region


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