The most amazing and best tourist points in Neelum Valley by AJK Tours

Upper Neelum Valley
  • March 31, 2018

AJK Tours have been perceived in the field of traveling and tourism for a long time now and is put stock in particularly by its customers. AJK Tours have been known as the best traveling sidekick by its dependable clients. AJK Tours makes a point to serve its clients with amazing arrangements and visit bundles providing them with best and amazing offices. AJK Tours entertains its clients with quantities of offices from amazing rich lodgings to reasonable and lavish leased jeeps for exploring the best tourist points in Neelum Valley and not to overlook the amazing nourishment accessible in the town.

Neelum valley has lovely and all-encompassing view. This valley is parallel to the Kaghan valley. It has a loud and lovely stream called Neelum River. This waterway is of crisp and unadulterated water where tourists come and appreciate the place encompassed by lavish green trees on the two sides of the stream. To get the escape from the hellfire to paradise, Neelum valley is the best place in summers. The valley had high mountains and passage of trees all around. The land area of Neelum valley is North and North East of Muzaffarabad in Kashmir. Kel is one the most striking spots of neelum valley.

It is a 9 kilometers drive from Sharda which is situated at a stature of 2097 meters. It is a meeting point of the shoundernallah and the neelum waterway which prompts gilget organization over shounder pass. Kel is additionally a base camp of mountaineering exercises up to “Sarawaali Peak” 6326 meters above ocean level and it is one of the greatest Glaciers (around 25 kms in length). It is said to be the most noteworthy pinnacle and greatest ice sheet of Azad Kashmir. ArangKel is a town and tourist spot in Neelam valley. It is situated on the slope top close Kel at the height of 8,379 feet. The town is available by a 2 kilometers trek from Kel. Past this mountain, the following mountain is a piece of Indian involved Kashmir. It is a standout amongst the most delightful areas in the neelum valley. Some of other major and best tourist points in Neelum Valley areDhaniNoseri Waterfall, Chilhena/Titwal, KuttonJagran Valley, KeranNeelumValley.UpperNeelum, RattiGali Lake, ShardaNeelum Valley, Kel/Arrangkel and significantly more.

AJK Tours try to give its customers a chance to appreciate the fullest of their get-away making them investigate all the well-known tourists’ points in Neelum Valley. AJK Tours have the best offices from amazing reasonable costs inns and sustenance and autos to investigate the excellent nature. AJK Tours additionally introduces online booking of your most loved lodgings and you can likewise investigate amazing Neelum Valley Tour Packages and other Tour Packages too. AJK Tours main need is to stun its clients with the best of everything and making its clients appreciate the fullest of their get-away.


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