Spring in Skardu – The Beauty of North

  • February 28, 2024

As spring paints the landscapes with vibrant colors, Skardu emerges as a paradise in Northern Pakistan. The melting snow, blooming flowers, and pleasant weather make it the perfect time to explore the enchanting beauty of this region. Ajk Tours offer Family Tour Packages, Honeymoon Tour Packages Customized Tours and Business & Corporate Tours.

Best Places to Visit in Skardu during Spring

1. Shangrilla Lake

Known as Lower Kachura Lake, Book Shangrilla Resort Skardu is a must-visit destination. Surrounded by lush greenery and snow-capped peaks, the serene atmosphere provides a perfect escape for couples on a Honeymoon Tour Package to Skardu.

2. Sheosar Lake

Located at an altitude of 4,142 meters, Sheosar Lake offers breathtaking views. The crystal-clear water reflects the surrounding mountains, creating a mesmerizing sight for families enjoying Family Tour Packages to Skardu.

3. Deosai National Park

Explore the unique wildlife and vast landscapes of Deosai National Park. Spring brings a burst of life to the park, making it an ideal spot for nature enthusiasts and those seeking tranquility. Book Skardu Tour Packages.

How to Reach Skardu

Skardu is accessible from major cities, including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, and Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). Whether you prefer air travel or a scenic road trip, reaching Skardu is an adventure in itself. Book Honeymoon Tour Packages for Skardu.

By Air

For a quick and comfortable journey, flights are available from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad to Skardu Airport. It provides a bird’s eye view of the majestic landscapes, adding an extra layer of excitement to your trip. Book Skardu Tour Packages from Karachi, islamabad

By Road

Embark on a road trip from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, or AJK to Skardu. The journey offers picturesque views of the mountains and valleys, providing ample opportunities for memorable stops along the way.

Customized Tours with Ajk Tours

Ajk Tours offers tailored tour packages for various interests and preferences: Book Skardu Tours

Honeymoon Tour Packages

Experience the magic of Skardu with our exclusive Honeymoon Tour Packages. Romantic boat rides on Shangrilla Lake and stargazing nights make it a perfect destination for newlyweds. Book By Air Tour packages.

Family Tour Packages

Create cherished family memories with our Family Tour Packages. From Sheosar Lake picnics to exploring Deosai National Park, Skardu offers a delightful experience for every family member.

Corporate Tours

Imusafir.pk also caters to corporate groups seeking a unique team-building experience. Escape the routine with a Corporate Tour to Skardu, fostering camaraderie amidst the breathtaking landscapes.

Book Now and Embrace the Beauty of Skardu

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Skardu in its spring glory. Book your customized tour with Imusafir.pk and unlock the wonders of this Northern Pakistani gem.

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