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  • May 6, 2011

Hazrat Pir Shah Ghazi (RA)

The mausoleum of Pir-e- Shah Ghazi is the glory of District Mirpur. The holy shrine of the saint is situated at Khari Sharif, a town 8 km away from Mirpur.

Hazrat Pir Shah Ghazi was amongst the famous saints of 12′ century. He belonged to Qadri Mystical school of thought. His miracle of disappearing and re-emerging in a river earned him a great deal of recognition among his devotees and established his stature as a mystical figure. Due to his sanctity, piety and learning. The number of his followers swelled to thousands. His personality has been elaborated in great detail by his able Pupil. Sufi Scholar Mian Muhammad Buksh in his work “Tazkar-e­Muakeemi” the biography of Pir-e-Shah Ghazi.

His annual URS is celebrated on 13 and 14 Shaban every year. Hundreds and thousands people come from all over the country to have spiritual satisfaction.

Hazrat Mian Muhammad Buksh (RA) Khari Sharif

The shrine of the saint is situated at Khari Sharif near the Mausoleum of Hazrat Pir-e-Shah Ghazi. Hazrat was born in 1426(AH), the year 1826. He was instinctively interested in poetry and mysticism from his early age. On attaining youth, he set oull embarked on an extensive tour of Kashmir during which he visited almost all the shrines of noteworthy saints and sufis. His rnaster piece poetic work, “Saif-ul- Malook” attained enormous popularity in religious circles, which resulted in the translation of the master piece/creative work into other languages also. His writings and lofty ideas carry great deal of serenity and soft tone which make them sole piece of admiration, The master piece enjoys significant stature in the Punjabi literature, Mian sahib had written seventeen books in total of which “Hidayat-al-Muslameen” endorses I validates his stature as religious scholar of Hadiths and shows his profound insight into history, Besides being a Sufi saint, Hazrat was also fiery poet and lover of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PB), He left I departed for the Heavenly abode in 1907, His annual URS is held on 6th and 7th of Zillhajj of Islamic year.

Moreover, the Shrines of Pir Shahab Gonoi Bin Sain Dudyal, Bathak Manjwari, Hazart Jhula Bahi, Darbar Shari, are also present in district Mirpur.

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