Shrines in Bagh

  • May 6, 2011


Hazrat Pir Syed Bohala Shah (Ra)

The shrine of Hazrat Pir Syed Bohala Shah Gillani is situated in the village “Arnela” adjacent of Mang Bajri. Devotees have been visiting this shrine for the last 50years with religious enthusiasm. The forefathers of Hazrat Pir Gillani Bohala Shah had preached the teachings of Islam in different areas of Poonch and Muzaffarabad. His various legends are famous among the public which are presented by the people from generation to generation.

Hazrat Sain Syed Qamar Ali Shah Badshah (RA)

The shrine of Qamar Ali Shah Badshah at chatra in the village sopnag of Abbaspur. It is said that Pir Qamar Ali Shah Badshah migrated from Afghanistan almost two hundred years ago. As his prayers got acceptance therefore, the number of devotees also continued to increase with the passage of time.


Hazrat sain ali bahadar khan was born in 1880. His ancestor village is Dheerkot. Very amazing miracles have been attributed to him right from his childhood. Hazrat Sain, after withdrew from the activities of the daily life, remained active in forests and barren lands for a long period of time. He totally remained ignorant from the issue of the daily life and people have had to come to him for prayers. His shrine is situated at Dheerkot.

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