Neelum Point Kohala Near Murree

Neelum Point Kohala Bridge
  • October 12, 2016

Kohala Point generally known as Neelum Point is very famous among tourists because of many reasons. One main reason is it is very near from Murree and Islamabad and a day tour can be made to Neelum Point easily. But here are some fact that Not Every one knows.

Kashmir Waterfall also known as Dolai Aabshar(waterfall) is on just 20 mins of drive from Neelum point. Kashmir Waterfall is much more beautiful, scenic, and worth seeing spot. Many tourists after visiting Kashmir Waterfall called Neelum Point as Waste of Time.
Many people are confused between Neelum Point and Neelum Valley, let us be very clear that Neelum Valley is a valley located after Muzaffarabad, that must not be compared and confused with Neelum Point.

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