• February 21, 2012

Maps of hot spots in AJK are given below district wise.

Muzaffarabad, the Capital of the State of Jammu & Kashmir, is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum & Neelum Rivers. It is at a distance of 138 kilometers from Rawalpindi and about 76 kilometers from Abbottabad.  Being the capital of the state it has all the necessary facilities of life. In addition, there are two historical forts, the Red & Black Fort, situated on the opposite sides of river Neelum. The Neelum river streams, proudly through the hubbub of the town, joins river Jhelum at Domel and plays a dominant role in the micro climate of Muzaffarabad.

Map of Muzaffarabad:

Map of District Poonch:

Map of Bhimber:

Map of Neelum Valley:

Map of Mirpur:

Map of Sudhanoti:

Map of Bagh:

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