• May 5, 2011

The Shrine of the saint is situated at Upper Adda near AJK University in the main Muzaffarabad city and is surrounded by the largest graveyard of the city.

The Shrine of the saint has been a centre of interest among the followers for over five centuries. It is believed that Hazrat had come to the region (the present Muzaffarabad) during the time when it when it was totally a desolate. Shah Inayat was a native of Kasri, a village near Gujar Khan. (In district Rawalpindi). After obtaining his initial religious education from his father, he embarked on a journey to various regions of the subcontinent along with some other religious scholars of his time with a view spiritual strength. The saint started preaching proper observance of Shariah and discouraged acts contrary to the teachings of Islam. He was the maternal uncle of Shah Chan Chargh. He was devoted towords to the preaching of Islam as a result of which a remarkable refinement took place in the beliefs of the people of Muzaffarabad. The services offered by the saint services offered by the saint deserve to be recorded in the annuls of history in golden words.

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  1. Assalam o Alikum

    How are you. My late father was attached to Hazrat and his shrine. I want to know about Hazrat. Is there some written work or books available from the pen of Hazrat. From the childhood I have seen Hazrat picture in modern dress pent shirt, a rod in right hand and a book in left hand.After the death of my father I gifted that picture to my elder brother who was habitual to visit shrine now and then, the same case is not true for me. but now last time when I saw Hazrat picture an idea about reading or knowing about him came to my mind. If you have got some books do sent it to me.

    I shall be highly thank ful to you.

    Malik Bilal Hussain
    s/o Muhammad Aurangzeb ( almahroof choudhary saib)
    jalal baba chowk upper malik pura

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