Gaash Valley Guest House Sharda, Neelum Valley

Gaash Guest House Family Suite Sharda Hotel2
  • June 14, 2014

Gaash Valley guest house is located in main Sharda having an eye catching view beside a water stream.  Sharda can be used as base camp for tour to Kel, Arrang Kel, Taobat, Shounter Valley and Ratti Galli as well. Any kind of vehicle can be hired from Sharda.
Hotel is fully wooden furnished and best in the town. Can be an awesome experience to stay in Gaash Valley Guest House in Sharda. Gaash Valley Is famous and one of best hotels in Sharda.

Pictures of hotel given below.

Gaash_Valley_Guest_House_Sharda-Neelum-Valley Gaash_valley-Guest-House-Double-bed-standard-room-reservation-Sharda-Hotel-2 GaashGuestHouseFamilySuiteShardaHotel GaashGuestHouseFamilySuiteShardaHotel2 Gaash-Valley_Guest_house-Sharda-Neelum_valley_Exterior_View


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  1. plz tell me about rent after 20 august plz plz v r 5 and want to rent a room wich is so much cheap????

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