Endless Valleys, Untouched Forests Twisting Rivers of Northern Pakistan

Endless Valleys, Untouched Forests Twisting Rivers of Northern Pakistan
  • August 24, 2021

Pakistan has an extraordinary landscape. It has five peaks of the world’s fifteen highest mountains. It also has some of the largest plateaus in Asia. Finally, it has plains, forests, and valleys that are awe-inspiring. The entire northern canvas of Pakistan’s topography is coloured with treacherous mountaintops, picturesque valleys, burbling bodies of water, and lively lush green meadows. Pakistan is one of the very few countries in the world with such a geographical variety. Nowadays, travel has become extremely easy.

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Deosai Plains

The Deosai plateau (also called the Deosai Plains) is a high plain in Pakistan’s Gilgit–Baltistan region. It is located in the Astore and Diamir districts. It is often called by magical names, like fairyland, because of its sheer beauty. Deosai is of the richest biodiverse regions in the world. The valley is totally gorgeous in the summer. Millions of wildflowers paint it with bright colours, making it look like a mystical paradise. The locals claim the land’s beauty is conducive to magical, supernatural fairies that wander freely, taking inspiration from the lush landscape.

K2 and Karakoram Mountain Range

K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world, reaching heights so immense that it is a marvel yet terrifying. It is a gigantic, snow-capped mountain that towers above the landscape and serves as a focal point for everyone who looks at it. Although hiding dangerous surprises, those who reach the top are treated to an incredible view of the world from above. The Karakoram is a great mountain range with an unusually high concentration of tall mountains and large glaciers outside the Poles. It is a source of countless myths, stories and even religions. It is truly a magnificent place to visit.

Baltoro Glacier

Pakistan is home to several large glacier systems located at its highest and most rugged mountain regions. These naturally built white castles are inspiring as well as extremely difficult to reach. However, the magnificent view is worth every hardship you may encounter on the way there. Baltoro Glacier is the 2nd longest, non-polar glacier in the world. Trekking through this region feels like you are in the ice age. Its stark beauty, untouched horizons and magnificent vistas will overwhelm all visitors and make them witness some of the least seen wonders in the world.

Neelum Valley

Neelum Valley is a picturesque location just beyond Rawalakot. It’s quite unlike anything you’ve seen before, and its beauty is amazing. Located within Azad Kashmir, Neelum Valley is a scenic yet untouched gem filled with lush greenery, dense forests, splendid waterfalls and freshwater streams that sparkle under the sun. The beautiful valley and the kind, friendly locals, make you feel as though you are in heaven.

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Kalash Valley

The Kalash Valley is home to the Kalash people, a small religious minority in Pakistan with their own beliefs, culture and language. Without a doubt, this is one of the most incredible places in the country. The people and the valleys are both beauties personified. The women of the Kalash tribe wear brightly coloured traditional clothing that differs from what one can find elsewhere in Pakistan. Countless authors and poets have extolled the virtues of this magical land.

Naran Valley

Naran is situated in the famous Kaghan district. It is a magnificent valley with impressive mountains, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and winding paths. It has easy accessibility for the majority of Pakistanis. If you ever visit this place, make sure to pinch yourself so you can be sure you are not dreaming. Imagine the peaceful sound of crystal clear waters as they flow through rivers and streams. Imagine the calming backdrop of lime green hills, lakes and meadows, as you stand in the magnificent Naran valley.

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Ansoo Lake

A marvel sits amidst the towering peaks in Kaghan, called Ansoo Lake. It is shaped exactly like a huge teardrop. At an amazing height of 13,927 feet, Ansoo lake is one of the highest lakes in the world. The hike to this remote place is a little tough, but anyone who makes the journey is both gratified and stunned. Such water bodies do not usually exist at such heights, making Ansoo Lake a miracle in more than one way.


Saif-ul-Malook is set in the Kaghan region of Pakistan, surrounded by gigantic glaciers and immersed in some of the most fascinating folklores in Pakistan. It is a famous tourist spot, easy to reach and enjoy. It attracts visitors from all over the world to come over and contemplate its incredible beauty and matchless glory. The locals believe no one has ever been able to determine its depth and that anyone daring to swim drowns almost immediately. The lake itself and its surrounding vista present a sight that visitors will remember for decades.

Last Word

Pakistan has some of the most impressive sights to see. People from all over the world come here to appreciate endless valleys, untouched forests, and twisting rivers. Northern Pakistan is an adventurer’s ultimate dream come true.


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