Places to visit and Attractions & Hotels in Bagh Azad Kashmir

  • March 8, 2013

District Bagh Before getting the status of an independent district in 1988, Bagh was a part of District Poonch. This district almost resembles district Poonch in its history, culture, customs and traditions. District Bagh, as a whole is rich in variegated natural beauty. Topographically, this district falls into mountainous zone.

Bagh, Dheerkot, Sudhan gali, Hans Chowki, Neela Butt, Las Danna, Mahmood Gali, Kahuta, Havaily and Ganga Choti.


Bagh, the district headquarters of district Bagh is 100 Km from Muzaffarabad via Kohala & 80 kilometers via Suddhen Gali, 205 Kilometers from “Islamabad and 48 Kilometer from Rawalakot.This town is situated on the confluence of two mini nullahs- Malwani & Mall, which flow all the year round. The people of Bagh are brave, courageous and skilled, especially the field of bakery & confectionery. The well recognized “Haji Peer Pass” is about 32 kilometers from Bagh city linked with metalled road. Middle standard hotles, PWD and forest rest houses available for visitors.

Dheerkot: The fascinating and charming place of District Bagh is 25 kilometers from Kohalla, the gateway of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, and 132 kilometers from Islamabad. Located at an altitude of 1676 meters, Dheerkot possesses an extremely pleasant and healthy climate. This place is very popular among the visitors as a tourist resort mainly due to easy access, suitable altitude and beautiful landscape. In the heart of the calm & quite Deodar, Pine trees and Kail mixed forest, there is a posh Forest rest house, there Tourist Huts and a Log Hut, which are greatly sought after by tourists in the summer. Dheerkot is linked with other parts of Azad Kashmir by black top roads and district transport services are also available.

Neela Butt: From Dheerkot towards southeast 6 km ahead, this spot is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters. Besides its scenic beauty, this place is well-know for its historic background. On August 23,1947 the Mujahideen-e-Azadi assembled at this place and started and armed struggle for accession to Pakistan. Sufficient accommodation facilities are available here for visitors.

LasDanna: From Bagh, a 15 kilometers long mettalled road leads to Las Danna which is a place of captivating scenes and natural beauty. From Lasdanna, three roads branch off the main roadi.e. mahmood gali-Palangi, Haji pir-Aliabad and Abbasspur-Hajira respectively. A tourist rest house is available here for accommodation. Suddhen Gali:. Sudhengali, located at a height of 2143 meters, links Chikkar with Bagh, a town in the Bagh district. This scenic spot also serves as a base camp for those interested in hiking/ rekking to the nearby 3045 meters high mountain “Ganga Choti”. It is also linked with Chikkar. Busses & vans ply daily from Bahg, Chikkar & Muzaffarabad to this place. A tourist rest house & PWD rest house provide reasonable accommodation facilities here.


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  1. Tremendous guideline for visitor to enjoy the paradise like beauty of my native District and city Bagh. many of my colleagues from AJK, Poonch Kotli and MUST university visited many times and enjoy with fantastic scenic view of Ganga Choti etc. Everyone must visit at least once in life.

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