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  • February 21, 2024

Welcome to AJK Tours, the best travel agency in Pakistan that opens the doors to the mesmerizing landscapes of Skardu. Discover the perfect blend of nature’s beauty and adventure with our customized tour packages, designed to cater to every type of traveler. Ajk Tours Offer Family Tour Packages, Honeymoon Tour Packages and Corporate Tours for Domestic and international Companies.

How to Reach Skardu

Skardu, nestled in the heart of the mighty Karakoram Range, is accessible from major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. AJK Tours ensures a seamless journey to this picturesque destination through both air and road travel options.

By Air Tour Packages

For those seeking a quick and comfortable journey, flights to Skardu are available from major cities. AJK Tours provides hassle-free booking services for your convenience, ensuring a swift and enjoyable experience.

By Road Tour Packages

Embark on a scenic road trip to Skardu with AJK Tours. Our well-maintained Prado vehicles offer a comfortable ride, allowing you to soak in the breathtaking views along the way. Whether you’re starting your journey from Karachi, Lahore, or Islamabad, our road travel packages are tailored to meet your preferences. Book our 5 Days Tour packages for Skardu.

Relaxing Destinations in Skardu

Skardu is not just a destination; it’s an experience. AJK Tours curates tour packages that include visits to serene spots like Book Shangrila Resort Skardu, Upper Kachura Lake, and Shigar Fort. These places not only relax the mind but also provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. Book our Skardu Tour Packages.

Customized Tours Packages with AJK

What sets AJK Tours apart is our commitment to providing personalized experiences. Whether you are planning a Honeymoon Tour Package to Skardu or a Family Tour, our packages are tailored to suit your preferences. We understand that every traveler is unique, and our itineraries reflect this belief.

Additionally, AJK Tours proudly collaborates with Imusafir.pk to offer Corporate Tour packages for businesses looking to explore the beauty of Skardu as a team-building experience. Book Best Tour Packages for Skardu.

Best Time to Visit Skardu

Skardu’s beauty varies with the changing seasons. AJK Tours recommends visiting during the spring and summer months when the weather is pleasant, and the landscapes are adorned with blooming flowers and lush greenery. Book our Skardu Tour Packages.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with AJK Tours and let us be your guide to the enchanting paradise of Skardu. Book your tour package today and create memories that last a lifetime.

For inquiries and bookings, contact AJK Tours at info@ajktours.com or call us at +92 3455889948.


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