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Ramkot Fort Mangla
  • December 26, 2016

Khewra Salt Mines

0800 hrs. Leave For Khewra Salt Mines Tourist Resort.

1200 hrs. Arrive Khewra.

1200 -1400 hrs. Visit Inside the Mines and witness beautiful mosque made of different shades of rock salt bricks – hollow walls of salt bricks when lighted gives a beautiful look. A large chamber called “Assembly Hall” measuring more than 250 ft in height fascinates tourists. There are certain chambers filled in with saturated brine solution. These ponds when illuminated with fancy lights give splendid look. There is an area of transparent salt of light pink colour known as “Shish Mahal”. Different chambers are connected with salt bridges over water ponds and when illuminated with lights show marvelous reflection of different colours of salt.

1400-1500 hrs. Lunch out side salt mines.

1500 hrs. Leave for Rawalpindi / Islamabad.

1900 hrs. Arrive Rawalpindi / Islamabad.

Cost Rs. 3500/- per person with a group of minimum 20 persons.


1.Air-Conditioned Transport
2.Pack Lunch.

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