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AJK Tour Offers Reasonable Neelum Valley tour packages & travel guide

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Neelum Valley is a valley arranged between Muzaffarabad, AJK toward the south, LOC toward the east, Naran toward the west and Minimarg, Gilgit Baltistan toward the north. It is 144 km long, beginning from Athmuqam and consummation at Tao Butt. It has “Shounter Valley” as a sub-valley. There are delightful waterfalls, lakes and mountains, with an astounding blend. Significant places in the valley are Kutton, Jagran, Athmuqam, Kundal Shahi, Keran, Sharda, Kel, Arrang Kel and Tao Butt. AJK Tour is expressing the best places to visit in Neelum Valley tour packages. Nonetheless, this is a total tourist or travel control for going to this wonderful valley.

Dhani Waterfall is by a long shot the most elevated waterfall in the neelum valley and an incredible place for adolescent to make a plunge the icy water. Dhani waterfall is around 10 km before kundal shahi town. Kutton Waterfall is the vastest waterfall in the neelum valley. There is a view point other than the Kutton Waterfall. Kutton waterfall is 3 km far from kundal shahi and the way can be secured utilizing 4×4 vehicle. It is at a distance of around 74 km from muzaffarabad. You can discover Kashmiri Shawls in Kundal Shahi and the waterway see point is stunning, just in the primary market of the town. Kutton/Jagran resort is further 30 minutes’ drive from the waterfall. The perspective of the jagran valley from the resort is astounding.

Athmuqam is the District Headquarter of the Neelum Valley. It is around 85 km from muzaffarabad. Athmuqam has some beautiful areas around the town. Keran is area assist 10 km on the principle street from athmuqam. The Keran resort is an incredible place to visit. It is nearest to Indian Occupied Kashmir. On a few areas between Athmuqam to Keran and than Sharda to Kel where River Neelum is the LOC between Azad Jammu and Kashmir and the Indian Occupied Kashmir. Dhudnial is little quiet village around 10 KM before Sharda. It is wonderful and you will witness numerous streams crossing the principle street. Sharda is a village with biggest number of hotels in the neelum valley. It lies on the two sides of the Neelum Valley. Sailing, Bonfire and BBQ office is given at numerous hotels. The hotels extends between One star to 3 star. Sharda Forest Resort by Valley Trackers is the best hotel office in the town. Neelum Star River View is another great place to remain here.

Abundant research is additionally compulsory before your excursion has begun. Look at the itemized data of atmosphere of the valley (as a rule it stays cool even in the summers). Pursuit out the climate conjectures/updates and put the garments in like manner, street state of the valley. It is smarter to counsel a tour-organizer, who will orchestrate the tour with best of his mastery and courtesies.

Neelum Valley tour guide and packages by AJK Tours

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Neelum Valley Road is a tremendous and unsafe high mountain street experiencing the Neelam Valley (likewise spelled Neelum Valley) at North and North-East of Muzaffarabad in Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, running parallel to Kaghan Valley and the Indian Border. The street conditions in winter are extraordinary. The street ahead Keran is obstructed because of substantial snowfalls frequently and it is extremely hard to achieve upper parts of the valley. There are likewise arrive slidings, which cause that guests experience the ill effects of exceptionally frosty climate and furthermore sustenance deficiency issue when they are stuck out and about. After Kel the absence of legitimate streets implies that the voyage promote on must be performed by 4WD vehicles. From Keran to Kel street condition isn’t well and not appropriate for low floor vehicles. To get efficient Neelum Valley tour packages visit AJK Tours webpage.

This is the season of a year when you see diverse tones wherever you take a gander at and see individuals tasting espresso. What the vast majority do amid winters is slither into their warm cover and nod off without realizing that they are passing up a great opportunity for such a large number of lovely things. Take a couple of days off from work and thinks about and investigate a standout amongst the most lovely nations on the planet i.e. Neelum Valley tour packages. Regardless of whether you are arranging a Pakistan Tour or Honeymoon packages in Pakistan, this is the best time to movement and gain wonderful experiences. Truth be told, on the off chance that both of you just got hitched then profit vacation packages in Pakistan and become more acquainted with each other in delightful spots.

There is almost certainly that Pakistan has such huge numbers of staggering and astonishing perspectives yet there is something exceptionally unique about Azad Kashmir Tours. Azad Kashmir is otherwise called the bit of heaven in view of its perpetual and entrancing excellence and Neelum Valley is the huge purpose behind it. We should look at the must-visit spots of Neelum Valley.


Sharda which is additionally renowned as Shardi is a little and wonderful town in Neelum area. This is the most lovely spot of Neelum Valley which is situated at a height of 1981m. The brilliant place is gone to by various tourists and special night couples each year. It is improved with green mountains and offers a staggering perspective of Neelum stream. This is an incredible place overwhelmed with normal magnificence and gives amazing perspectives.


It’s a little village and must-visit put which is arranged close Rawalkot, Azad Kashmir. Banjosa comprises of two sections “Boycott” implies backwoods while Josa was the occupant territory. You can visit the commercial centers including R.A Bazar, Gale wala pir Bazar, and Miral Gala. The most renowned tourist fascination of this place is its lake “Banjosa Lake” which is additionally called Chotagala Lake and its greenery.


This is likewise an unquestionable requirement visit put amid winter which is found 155 kilometers from Muzaffarabad. Keeping in mind the end goal to reach there, you require a jeep. Despite the fact that, it isn’t a level street yet all the battle to land at this place is justified, despite all the trouble.

5 Days Tour Package to Keran-Sharda-Kel-Nelum Valley

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Neelum Valley Packages- Find complete list of Neelum tour and travel packages with available deals. Book Neelum holiday … Keran Sharda Arrang Kel. Spend an amazing 5 days with your loved ones and return home with unforgettable memories. … Spend your vacation in Neelum on our 4-day tour and return home rejuvenated.


5 Days Family  Tour (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad  to Neelum Valley Keran
Dolai Waterfall, Patikka,Dhani Waterfall, LOC, Kundal Shahi,
2 Kutton to Sharda(3 Hours) Sharda
Sharda, Kishan Ghati, Sharda Temple,
3 Visit to Taobat(4 Hours) Sharda
Kel,Arrang Kel
4 Travel back to Kutton(3 Hours) Kutton
Upper Neelum,  Kutton
5 Neelum Valley to Islamabad (6.5 Hours) ——— ———
Total Cost : 50,000 including Transport (Pajero) and accommodation (1 Room)


Places to be covered in this tour:

5 Days 4 Nights Tour Package to Neelum Valley

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Come with AJKTOURS and explore such world-famous attractions as Kutton, Keran, Sharda, Arrang Kel, Taobat, ruins of Sharda University(Temple) and Rati Gali Lake Neelum Valley. Your holiday begins at Islamabad where we await to greet you and escort you to your hotel in the heart of Azad Kashmir’s remarkable capital.
This cost includes driver cum guide, comfortable Transport with fuel and sight seeing, luxurious accommodation and excellent services by AJKTOURS. Best Deals available for honeymooners, families and students. 10% off for Teachers and doctors.


5 Days Family  Tour (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad to Muzaffarabad Muzaffarabad
Peer Chanasi, Kashmir Waterfall
2 Muzaffarabad to Neelum Valley Kutton
Patikka,Dhani Waterfall, LOC, Kundal Shahi,  Kutton Waterfall
3 Tour to Sharda Sharda
Sharda, Kishan Ghati, Sharda Temple, Surgan, Kishan Ghatti, Maidaan
4 Travel back to Keran Kutton
Upper Neelum,  Keran
5 Neelum Valley to Islamabad (6.5 Hours) ——— ———
Total Cost : 50,000 including Transport (Gli) and Accommodation (1 Room)




7 Days Honeymoon Tour Package to Neelum Valley

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Neelum valley is situated 200km away from Islamabad. It takes 7 hours of drive from Islamabad via Murree-Kohala-Muzaffarabad_Kutton. Kutton is the first spot to be visited in this itinerary when it comes to Neelum Valley, other wise you also visit Hill Station named Peer Chanasi in Muzaffarabad that is just 30km away from Muzaffarabad. In this 7 days tour package you visit Kutton, Keran, Upper Neelum, Sharda, Kel, Arrang Kel, Halmat and Taobat in sight seeing while your 7 days tour. Kindly find detailed tour itinerary below with hotel pictures and rates.


7 Days Family  Tour (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad  to Muzaffarabad (4 Hours) Muzaffarabad Murree Sightseeing, Dolai Waterfall, Muzaffarabad Local sight seeing
2 Muzaffarabad to Keran Keran Patikka,Dhani Waterfall, LOC, Kundal Shahi,  
3 Tour to Sharda Sharda Sharda, Kishan Ghati, Sharda Temple,Kel, Halmat, Taobat
4 Tour to Kel Sharda Arrang Kel
5 Travel back to Keran Upper Neelum (Upper Keran) Upper Neelum,  Keran
6 Keran to Muzaffarabad(3 Hours) Muzaffarabad Peer Chinasi Hill Spot
7 Neelum Valley to Islamabad (6.5 Hours) ——— ———
Total Cost : 75,000 including Transport (Gli) and accommodation (1 Rooms)


Standard Package: 75,000
Hotels in Standard Package:






Deluxe Package: 90,000
Hotels in Deluxe Package:
Neelum Valley (Sharda)


Executive Package: 135,000
Hotels in Executive Package:
Neelum Valley (Sharda)
Neelum Valley (Upper Keran)

Places to be visited/Covered in this tour:




4 Days Honeymoon Tour Package to Neelum Valley

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Neelum Valley is most fascinating and popular among newly married couples. Honeymooners can clubbed domestic packages by including destinations Magestic Keran, Hawks View of Upper Neelum, heavy Kutton Waterfall and amazing Sharda Neelum Valley. AJKTOURS facilities your honeymoon tour so professionally to make it memorable for remaining life.

4 Days Family Package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad to Muzaffarabad (3.5 Hours) Muzafffarabad
Peer  Chanasi
2 Muzaffarabad to Kutton (3.5 Hours) Kutton
Patika,Kundal Shahi, Kutton, Dhani Waterfall, LOC
3 Day tour to Sharda(3 Hours) Kutton
Shara, Sharda Temple, Kishan Ghatti, Keran
4 Kutton to Islamabad (7 Hours) Mall Road, Kashmir Point, Patriata
Total Cost : PKR. 40,000 including transport and accommodation

7 Days Tour Package to Neelum Valley

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AJKTOURS offers 7 Days tour package to Neelum valley specially recommended for Honeymoon Couples or family tours for perfect excursion trip in their holidays. Neelum Valley is most frequently visited destination in Pakistan.

7 Days package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad to Muzaffarabad (3.5 Hours) Muzafffarabad
Peer  Chanasi
2 Muzaffarabad to Kutton (3.5 Hours) Kutton/Keran
Patika,Kundal Shahi, Kutton
3 Kutton to Sharda (4 Hours) Sharda
Uthmaqam, Keran,Sharda,Dudniayl, Sharda Temple, Surgan, Kishan Ghatti
4 Sharda to Taobat Sharda
Kel,Halmat, Taobat (Jeep Track)
5 Back to Kutton(4 Hours) Kutton/Keran
Keran-Kutton, Upper Neelum
6 Kutton to Muzaffarabad Muzafffarabad
Local sightseeing, Red fort, Domel, Rawani.
7 Back to Islamabad Muzaffarabad City
Total Cost : 70,000 (Transport xli, Pajero in Neelum Valley)  Accommodation(1 Room)

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