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Naran valley is the most delightful and beautiful valley. That is the reason it is called virtual heaven, amazingly in perfect state and still untainted by the human. You’ll locate the Himalayan pinnacles covered up with mists or snow, some place you’ll locate the wonderful fable lakes, which will pull in you toward them, and you may choose not to leave this at any cost. Where Kaghan is loaded with grand magnificence there it is brimming with excite and fervor for the mountain climbers and treks. Naran Valley is a 155 kms in length beautiful wonderland. Grandiose pinnacles crown the mountains runs on either side like turrets, extending in range from 12,000 to 17,000 ft and then some, with the eastern range higher than the western. The bed of valley inclines up from 3,000 ft at Balakot, which, in a manner of speaking, the portal of the valley, to 12,000 ft at Gittdas past which the valley crosses at Babusar Pass 14,000 ft. The initial ten miles or so are to a great extent desolate, however when the valley raises to around 5,000 ft woods of pine and fir show up, thickly congested with an assortment of plants, which has won for Kaghan the designations of ‘the botanists heaven’. The woodlands proceed till about Naran 8,000 ft. Discover the recommended places to visit in Naran by AJK Tours


Balakot is located at the foot of the mountains that goes a great many feet above. The toy cabins, that are incredibly roosted on their inclines. On opposite side is the Kunhar River, which goes with all of you along your trip. The waterway is sloppy in the fields yet as you go towards the mountains it progresses toward becoming clearer. The street to Kaghan is terrifying on the grounds that to your left side are the profound inclines to the waterway and on your privilege are the grandiose mountains.


Siri Shogran village is arranged on a green level in northern Pakistan at a tallness of 2,362 meters above ocean level. It is just 07 km from village Kiwai or 27 km from Balakot. The street from Islamabad to Kiwai is metalled and measures 212 km. From Shogran, you can ride a jeep or stallion or climb to a few beautiful spots like Siri. There is a lake too.


Payee Shogran village is arranged on a green level in northern Pakistan at a tallness of 2,362 meters above ocean level. It is just 10 km from village Kiwai or 34 km from Balakot. The street from Islamabad to Kiwai is metalled and measures 212 km. From Shogran, you can ride a jeep or stallion or climb to a few beautiful spots like Siri, Paye and Makra Peak. Hotels and motels are effectively accessible at reasonable expenses. The neighborhood individuals are benevolent and accommodating. Visit AJK Tours to discover more places to visit in Naran.

Best places to visit in Naran by AJK Tours

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Naran is a medium measured town in upper Kaghan Valley in Mansehra District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region of the Pakistan. It is found 119 kilometers (74 mi) from Mansehra city at the elevation of 8,202 feet (2,500 m). Naran is a standout amongst the most grand spots of Pakistan, pulling in a great many tourists, trekkers, picture takers and nature-fan, each year. The Kunhar River, swollen by ice sheet dissolve, goes through this town as it winds its way through the valley. Naran can be considered as base station to grand goals like Lake Saif-ul-Malook, Lalazar Babusar, Noori Valley and Purbi Valley. Shughal will take you on a virtual of Naran, Kaghan – so you can gather your packs and plan the genuine excursion. Naran and Kaghan valley is around 240 KM far from Islamabad in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory, Pakistan. Most blazing tourist goal for summers occasions, a great many tourists every year went over this valley to investigate its excellence and to make the most of their get-aways. For the most part attractions are Shogran, Siri Paye, Kaghan, Naran, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Babusar Top, Lulusar lake. For night stay Shogran and Naran are best goals, different kinds of hotels accessible, nightlife is astonishing, horse riding, jeep ride for Siri Paye and Saif-ul-Malook are accessible. Here some of the best places to visit in Naran recommended by AJK Tours


At 30 kilometers remove from Balakot a slope station, Shogran is well known for its rich greenery, pine backwoods and all-encompassing perspectives. Shogran temperature stays around 18 Degree Centigrade amid summers. Pine Park Shogran offers best convenience offices in Shogran.

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is green covered land, secured under mists and hypnotizing view of frigid mountains. On your tour to Shogran, must visit Siri Paye Meadows and Siri Lake. Street condition from Shogran to Siri Paye isn’t too great however this place merits seeing.


On your tour to Naran Kaghan Valley, you may not found any fascination in Kaghan. There is little market set along Naran street and all things considered no place to get interested. Lalazaar is a well-known place to visit in Naran however for families, it’s not prescribed by any stretch of the imagination.

Saif ul Malook Lake

High ice sheets lake is situated around 7 Kilometers from Naran Bazaar and is 10,000 ft from ocean level.


Lalazar is a knoll found 13 miles from Naran. What influences this attractive area to visit to be the common environment. Lalazar is situated close to the Neighborhood Mountains and is encompassed by a pine timberland. Visitors have additionally remarked on the stunning perspective of the valley underneath as Lalazar sits at 10,500 feet above ocean level.


River Kunhar:

River Kunhar courses through the focal point of the valley and is found ideal by Naran. Numerous guests appreciate sitting by the lake and getting a charge out of the outside or boating which has additionally turned into a mainstream activity in recent years.

Online Neelum Valley Guide and Hotel Booking Services by AJK Tours

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Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir in Pakistan. It is situated on the banks of the Jhelum and Neelum streams. It is limited by North-West Frontier Province in the west, by the Kupwara and Baramulla locale of on the Indian side of the Line of Control in the east, and the Neelum District of Azad Kashmir in the north. There are two authentic forts on inverse sides of the Neelum River. Red Fort and Black Fort the development of the Red Fort was at long last finished in 1646 by Sultan Muzaffar Khan, the organizer of Muzaffarabad city. After the Mughals assumed control Kashmir, the fort lost its significance.

Mughals were more intrigued by Kabul, Bukhara, and Badakshan. Amid the time of Durrani lead, be that as it may, the fort again indeed expected its significance. Maharaja Gulab Singh and Rambir Singh, the Dogra rulers, reproduced and broadened the fort for their political and military tasks. Towards the center of 1947, the Dogra powers left, leaving the fort relinquished. The engineering of the fort demonstrates that incredible specialists in plan and structure took an interest in its development. It is encompassed on three sides by the Neelum River formally known as the Kishenganga River. The northern piece of the fort had porches with steps prompting the bank of the waterway. The eastern side was extremely all around shielded from the perils of surge waters, yet a few sections on the north side have endured harm. There used to be Hotels in Neelum Valley at the passageway to the fort, yet just hints of that structure remain now.

It is safe to say that you are searching for a pleasant place to remain in Muzaffarabd and book Hotels in Neelum Valley? AJK Tours will be exceptionally satisfied to welcome you. Our inviting and dynamic staff individuals will be exceptionally happy to serve you and help you amid all your needs. Visitor house will commit its learning to you with a specific end goal to find Kashmir and its way of life; AJK Tours will do all its conceivable to make your stay the most charming as could be expected under the circumstances. Our approach is to give extravagance and comforts to every one of our visitors to appreciate an effortless remain.

We are exceptionally regarded to present a place with all estimations of comforts under one rooftop and that is State Continental Guest House situated in a heart of the Muzaffarabad city, 5 min drive from secretariat business center. We are likewise satisfied to illuminate you that we are effectively running the chain of visitor houses in different delightful spots of Azad Jamu and Kashmir like Sharda, and kuttan Neelum Valley. Offering a wide assortment of rich and elite settings for gatherings, meetings, motivating forces, introduction and private capacities, we influence a devoted sense of duty regarding guarantee that your capacity to will be an important affair and a resonating achievement.


3 Days Holiday Honeymoon Tour Package to Swat

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There’s so much that you can explore while you’re in Swat for 72 hours. From adventure to nightlife of Behrain, the Mingora city lets you explore its varied side to the fullest. Here are the things that should be on the top of your itinerary to maximize you trip to Swat.


3 Days Package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
DayItineraryNight StaySpots
Day 1Islamabad  to MingoraMingora  SwatSaidu Shareef, Fizaghat, Mingora
Day 2Day tour to MalimjabbaMingora  SwatMalimjabba, Miandam, Bahrain
Day 3Mingora to Islamabad (6.5 Hours)Mingora Bazar
Total Cost : PKR. 36,000 including transport(Corolla)  and accommodation(1 Room)



Standard Package: 45000
Deluxe Package: 48000
Executive Package: 55,000

Places to visit in Swat:



Attractions | Things to do| Places to visit in Swat

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Miandam Swat Valley
Miandam Swat Valley

Culturally enriched and historically known for Buddha civilization deep lies in beautiful valley of Pakistan,Let’s an overview of Top 10 best places to visit in Swat Valley.Tourists all around the world set their journey to explore Kalam, Mahodand Lake, Malam Jabba, Takht-i-Bahi, Saidu Sharif, Ushu Forest, Mingora and Buddha Stupas. Pashtuns dominated area where living style is simple and elegant, enchanting vocals of water streams and Swat river along road side is one of the best experience while on visit to Swat valley.

10 – Takht i Bahi

Takht-i-Bahi is located in Mardan district about 165 kilometers from Capital city Islamabad, Pakistan. Structure depicts the Buddhist monastery which attracts local and foreign tourists from all around the world, to reach it you need to hike 2 kilometers from Takht-i-Bahi market.

09 – Mingora

Mingora is 255 Kilometers from Islamabad City and remains as commercial hub of Swat district, mainly tourist attractions are Mingora Bazaar, Fiza Ghat River side, Fiza Ghat Park, hotels and shopping centers. You may also find Buddha stupas, lush green agricultural land where is grown, water channels and simple way of life in Mingora Town.

08- Saidu Sharif and Marghzar

On 7 kilometers drive from Mingora bazaar, saidu sharif is located along with PTDC , Serena Hotel.About 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif, Marghzar is located which is famous for White Palace. Things to do in Marghzar are shopping like shawls, carpets, traditional caps and sightseeing of white palace architecture, lush green garden. White Palace constructed in mid 1900’s with white marble, local tourists from all around the world visit Marghzar to sight this beautiful attraction of Swat valley.

07 – Malam Jabba

45 kilometers from Mingora up along hillside chairlift, skiing resort and pine trees are famous attraction in Malam Jabba. Road from Mingora to Malam Jabba is not in very good condition it take 3 hours to reach from Mingora to Malam Jabba. In winters KPK tourism offers annual Skiing competition.

06 – Madyan & Behrain

On drive of 52 Kilometers from Mingora City two tourist destinations are located namely Madyan and Behrain both are along Swat river and small water streams. These are famous for nightlife like trout fishes, spicy foods and amazing weather in summers.

05- Kalam

Kalam the valley of dense forest, moderate temperature, tourists paradise, white streams and snow glaciers is about 95 kilometers from Mingora City at bumpy road. Kalakot, Qandeel, Damlai, Madyan, Trout fish point are key attraction while on visit to Kalam Valley.

04- Ushu forest

Deep shadows of scrapping trees and shrubs weaving with slight breeze makes the filmy scenic forest into famous tourist attraction.

03 – Kumrat Valley

52 Kilometers jeep track from Kalam an unexplored valley lies into lush green plateau on Utrar-dir road along Panjkora river. This valley don’t have hotels, inns and restaurants, it’s best to have day trip from Kalam to Kumrat valley.

02- Mighty 22 falls

Turning and flowing up from 100 ft which will fall directly amazed your heart with white waters, in summer Mighty 22 falls are best to visit.

01- Mahodand Lake

Horse riding, boating, fishing, kayaking into one of the wanderlust of Swat valley, tourists from all around the world set their journey to explore Mahodand lake. 35 Kilometers from Kalam on jeeps will take at least 3 hours but it’s worth seeing place in Swat Valley.

Mahodand Lake in Winter


For booking Call Now: 03455889945 or drop us an Email at

5 Days tour Package/Plan to Swat & Kalam (Honeymoon) | Ajktours

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Book honeymoon and family tour packages for 5 days excursion trip to Swat on cheap rates with best hotels. Swat & Kalam are best spots to spend holidays.


5 Days Package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
DayItineraryNight StaySpots
1Islamabad  to MingoraMingora  Swat
Saidu Shareef, Fizaghat, Mingora
2Swat to KalamKalam Swat
Bahrain, Kalam
3Day tour to Ushnu ValleyKalam Swat
Ushu Valley
4Kalam to MiandamMiandam
Imperial Hotel /PTDC
5Mingora to Islamabad (6.5 Hours)Mingora Bazar
Total Cost : PKR. 50,000 including transport(Corolla)  and accommodation(1 Room)



Standard Package: 50000
Deluxe Package: 70000
Executive Package: 90,000

For booking Call Now: 03455889945 or drop us an Email at

Honeymoon package to Swat 3 Days /2 Nights

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3 Days Honeymoon package to Swat (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
DayItineraryNight StaySpots
1Islamabad to Swat (4 Hours)MingoraSwat, Saidu Shareef
2Visit to Kalam (6 hours)MingoraFizaghat, Malam Jabba,
3Travel back to Isalamabad (4 Hours)———Mingora Bazar
Total Cost : 36,000 (Air Conditioned Xli with fuel) and Accommodation (1 Standard Room)

Swat is beautiful and romantic valley for honeymoon couples. Specially White Palace Hotel Swat is very popular among honeymoon tourists, so it makes Swat a favorite Honeymoon Destination of Pakistan. AJKTOURS offers cheap packages for honeymoon couples to make their trip more romantic and memorable. Special selected hotels are being offered for newly married couples. Places to visit in Swat are Saidu Sharif, Fizaghat, Mingora, Bahrain, Kalam and Marghazar.
The major attraction for tourists in Swat are Malam Jabba, Marghazar, Swat Museum, Miandam, Madyan Hill Station, Bahrain, Usho and Utror in Kalam Valley, Ghabral valley and Mahudan Valley.
AJKTOURS offers every kind of hotels in Swat depending on your budget. Some top hotels in Swat & kalam are Swat Continental Hotel Swat, Serena Hotel Swat, Rock City Hotel Swat, Pameer Hotel Swat and Kalam, Swat Regencty Hotel, New Honeymoon Hotel Kalam, Sangam Hotel Kalam and many others both luxury and economical price range.