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Northern Pakistan offers its visitors a plethora of places to travel and a variety of things to do.

Northern Pakistan offers its visitors a plethora of places to travel and a variety of things to do. From high snow-cloaked summits to precipitous valleys, the region is full of natural beauty. Found amid the tranquil scenes of nature are historical architectures, rural towns, and famous trinket markets. Far away from the metropolitan, these places are a step back into the old-world lifestyle that runs at a leisurely pace and offers calm. Wrapped up in peaceful landscapes of Northern Pakistan is also an opportunity to travel and explore. In its steep climbs,you will find memorable adventures.

With our well-thought, pre-curated Pakistan tourism packages, all you will need is to indulge and enjoy. Leave all the brainy tasks like scheduling and organizing to us. Mentioned below are some of our popular Kashmir tour packages to take a peek into the paradise.

Hunza Tour Packages

Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Hunza is a picturesque valley that boasts both natural and architectural beauty. There are several vantage points in the valley, including the Eagle’s Nest in Duikar, that lets you admire the sweeping views of the entire valley. Other tourist spots comprise of climbing routes too irresistible for an intrepid traveller. Four of these ambitious trailsmove upward to the world’s 27th highest peak of Rakaposhi questing to conquer thenearly 8000km.When not being conquered, these high towering peaks offer a lovely backdrop for honeymooners and holidaymakers.


Apart from its postcard-perfect scenes, Hunza is home to two very prominent strongholds namely Altit Fort and Baltit Fort. Built-in the 11th and 14th century respectively, these bastions served as abodes and bastions for the Mirs, the original rulers of Hunza.

Tucked away in the valley are many other gems and with our tours, you will be able to visit them all. We offer multiple Hunza Tour Packages to suit your needs. From a 5-day aerial tour to a 6-day comprehensive tour, there is a variety of pre-curated itineraries to ensure that the tours feel as if they were custom-made for you.

Skardu Tour Packages

Skardu is an eye-popping city in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Northern Pakistan. It is enclosed with snow-capped mountains of Karakoram and Himalayas. Wrapped in calm and peaceful ranges are multiple trekking, trailing, and climbing tracks for those who like to venture on an adventure. Nestled at the foothills of these high mountainous ranges is the stunning and lavish Shangri-La Resort, where you can make your abode during the sojourn with one of our packages. The place makes for a beatific getaway for honeymooners too.

Skardu is also home to several natural wonders, one of which is Katpana Cold Desert. Cold, arid, and perched on a high altitude, the desert is famous for its unlikely sand dunes. Another picturesque spot is located 20 km away from Skardu. It is the most mesmerizing lake named Kachura, colloquially known as Foroq Tso. Wedged between the beautiful landscapes of Skardu are the Manthal Buddha rock carvings that represent a bygone era.

To ensure that you can take in all of Skardu without missing anything, we have created exhaustive itineraries that will maximize time and make every minute count. Aerial tours are also available. If deciding between Hunza and Skardu seems tough, you can choose to travel both with this package.

Naran Tour Packages

Naran is a medium-sized town located in the Mansehra District. Not far away from Naran is another gorgeous town named Kaghan. Both are placed in such proximity that their names are often taken together. Huddled in the foothills of lush green Himalayas and girdled by dark, dense Alpine Forest, the valley boasts unparalleled natural beauty.

Lulusir Lake Naran

Naran, being the more famous destination, hosts thousands of tourists every year which include artists, photographers, nature-lovers, and trekkers who come here to get inspired. It is home to the lake Saif-ul-Malook, the fifth-best tourist place in Pakistan. The verdant valley has many other lakes, sprawling greenswards, meadows, and high summits that create a pleasant view for the sore eyes.

To ensure that you are able to drink in the valley to the fullest, we have curated packages that explore the entire region. Can’t decide among Hunza, Skardu, and Naran? You won’t have to because we have just the right tour option for you. For them, who are keener tourists and wish to explore the nearby areas of Naran too, we offer this comprehensive package.

Swat Tour Packages

Located in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, the Swat Valley is identified for its quintessential blue houses and lush green mountains. Comparatively a lesser-travelled valley of Northern Pakistan, Swat has a lot to offer for its visitors. However, often those touring the valley are unaware of the many options that they have when they’re visiting the scenic valley. Curated by natives, our packages will make sure that you don’t miss out on any of those spectacular places.

Away from the boisterous towns, our tours will take you to tens of tranquil destinations found in the Swat Valley. From enjoying waterfalls to boating on emerald lakes, strolling nature trails, and skiing, the tours let you immerse completely in the beauty of Swat. Whether you are off for a romantic escape or for a family vacation, you will find the valley to your preference.

Neelum Valley Tour Packages

Shaped uniquely to resemble a bow, Neelum Valley is another beautiful tourist destination of Northern Pakistan. Its inimitable scenes, flourishing waterfalls, sapphire lakes, and verdant mountains are awe-inspiring, to say the least. The many charms of the region also include grasslands and hilltops, wood-made old stations, lakeside resorts, ruins of old temples, remnants of archaic universities, and hiking treks.

Travel the entire valley and sightsee everything that is there to see with our package that traverses you from Islamabad to Keran through Neelum Valley. Stay in quaint cottages to live the Kashmiri life to the fullest or spend a romantic sojourn at Neelum Valley when travelling with your beloved. Our packages also let you combine two tours into one.

Murree and Galiyat Tour Packages

Murree is a town from the colonial era, wedged between Kashmir and Punjab. The town is often frequented by locals to steal some peaceful hours far away from noisy urban life. Amid the rustic charm of the towns have sprung up mostly hotels to accommodate the influx of tourists. This mix of the old and new has drastically reshaped the face of the town. However, it remains equally serene and a beautiful tourist destination. The USP of Murree is its Kashmir points, some of which are dotted with parks and small shops.

Travel the area with our 4-day tour that takes you exploring the town and nearby areas, NathiGali and Muzaffarabad. Families who’d like to extend their sojourn or honeymooners wishing for a more romantic tour can choose our 6-day package to Murree. If you are looking for Murree tour package from Lahore, look no further than this.

A Little More About Our Packages

Our native-driven tours will not just take you sightseeing in Pakistan’s most charming regions, but will also give you an insight into the historical background of these places. The long list of our packages does end at these six destinations. You can travel entire Northern Pakistan with our all-inclusive inexpensive tours that cover both, famous and less-frequented paths. Feel free to browse your options.

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swat valley

6 Days tour Package to Swat

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6 Days Swat Tour Package ( Pick & Drop Islamabad to Islamabad )
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
1 Islamabad to Mingora Mingora Mingora, Fizaghat, Saidu-Sharif
2 Mingora to Minadam Miandam Madyan, Miandam, local sightseeing
3 Miandam to kalam Kalam Behrain, Kalam, Mahodand lake, + Ushu Valley
4 Kalam to MalamJabba MalamJabba Malamjabba, local sightseeing
5 MalamJabba to Islamabad Islamabad Local sightseeing, Mingora, Malamjabba
6 Drop of to Airport/Railway Station
Total Cost: PKRs. 80,000 Including Transport ( Prado 94 ) & Accommodation ( 1 Room )

Standard Package: PKRs. 80,000 with Prado 94 & 110,000 (Prado 2006)







Luxurious Rent a Car in Muzaffarabad by AJK Tours

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AJK Tours is the best traveling and tourism company to entertain its clients with amazing deals and packages at exceptionally affordable costs. AJK Tours is your best companion to a great vacation and an affordable visit from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. AJK Tours furnishes all the tours inclusive with all meals, all activities, all lodgings, a great and itinerary. AJK Tours gives amazing new deals and packages to visit Muzaffarabad in a totally new exploring way. AJK Tours gives amazing lodgings and the best nourishment of the town and sumptuous and affordable Rent a Car in Muzaffarabad.

Muzaffarabad is the capital of Azad Kashmir. It is located on the banks of the Jhelum andNeelum waterways. It is surrounded by the Kupwara and Baramulla locale of on the Indian side of the Line of Control in the east, North-West Frontier Province in the westand the Neelum District of Azad Kashmir in the north. Muzaffarabad offer breathtaking perspectives of the Tarai Mountains the lower regions of Himalaya. There is a 5 star lodging keep running by the local chain Pearl Continental Hotels. There are two historical fortresses on inverse sides of the Neelum River. Red Fort and Black Fort. PirChinnasi located in east of Muzaffarabad. Because of its picturesque beauty, velvet green plateaus and awesome climate, it is gone by many local visitors. The perspective of the summit of the mountain peaks spell limits a vacationer. It is also the shrine of Saint Shah HussainBukhari where Devotees take pilgrimage to rejuvenate. The most opposite to PirChinassi isphawna da Danna and there are also other areas that are near of PirChinassi which are for sure  worth seen and ideal for hiking, trekking and camping activities as well as worth sightseeing.

Chikkar is a beautiful and fresh to the eye summer station at a distance of 46 Kms from Muzaffarabad over the mountain. The outstanding features of this beautiful place are its climate and landscapes. No person can be left mesmerized by its beauty, hijacking the mind with its beautifully grown, manufactured by the nature.All these places can be gone to easily through rent a Car in Muzaffarabad through AJK Tours and can be delighted in minus all potential limitations.

AJK Tours have been in the field since ages now and comprehends what its clients want and require. AJK Tours have the facility to book your favorite lodgings and restaurants and cars as well for your exploration require at extremely affordable costs. AJK Tours are always engaged to entertain their clients with the entire better we can do. AJK Tours give best Rent a Car in Muzaffarabad at absolute best and affordable costs providing with extravagance cars to give their clients a chance to appreciate quite a bit of it.

Stunning Places to visit in Swat by AJK Tours

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AJK Tours have been in the field from decades now and have denoted their seat in the field of voyaging and tourism division. AJK Tours is truly outstanding in their field to give its customers the best bundles to investigate not to overlook specifying the spending neighborly bundles with extravagant lodgings and the astonishing sustenance around the local area and autos and jeeps on lease to satisfy your investigating necessities. AJK Tours conveys the best bundles for you to the best places to visit in Swat. Swat, the place that is known for sentiment and excellence is a fantasy works out for its visitors.

Swat is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. The waterway Swat is a reasonable water stream beginning from the Ushu anger of mountains to the spread of the valley of Swat. It is one of the greenest valleys of the Northern Pakistan and is all around associated with whatever remains of Pakistan. Swat is a place for recreation Lover, Hikers, and prehistorian. There are numerous amazing lodgings where one can stay a while to unwind.

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In Kalam upper Swat there are some extremely wonderful strolls since climate is truly lovely one can without much of a stretch stroll over the slopes for a considerable length of time and appreciates the untainted nature. The Swat is garden of Ashoka and was a prosperous land in the Buddhist circumstances (second BC to 5 AD) There are at any rate more than 100 archeological locales in the valley under 10% of the valley are unearthed. One can investigate some of those locales in a half day tour of Swat.

Rom towering snow pinnacles of Mankyal to the lavish green glades of Desan and elevated frosty pools of Kalam! Swat’s staggering landscape is an incredible sight. The best Places to visit in Swat are Mingora, Fizaghat, MalamJabba, Bahrain, Kalam and some more. AJK Tours give their customers the best of everything to appreciate the fullest of their touring plans. AJK Tours gives every one of the offices to engage their customers to their investigating nature by taking them to every one of the Places to visit inSwat, the amazing wonderful valley.

AJK Tours serves their customers with astounding lodgings that are accessible in a moderate cost. AJK Tours are renowned for their astonishing sustenance decisions that their customers like comprehensive of all the acclaimed nourishment of the town. AJK Tours not just furnish you with the most sumptuous inns and astounding sustenance yet additionally the best extravagance jeeps and autos to engage your investigating nature.

Kalam Honeymoon Hotel 8910

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Honeymoon Hotel Kalam 8,9,10

Main Kalam Road, Kalam Bazar, Kalam, KPK rating starrating star

Contact Number : 0345-5889945, 0512364301

About Property

Honey moon Hotel Kalam is very beautiful has clean and hygienic rooms with attached bathroom.Hotel Honeymoon is one of the best accommodation in kalam.

Available Rooms People Available Price Book Now
Standard Double room number of peoplenumber of people Available PKRs.6000 03455889945
Check in Time: 02:00:00 PM
Check Out Time: 12:00:00 PM
Internet: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Distance from airport: 0
Distance from market:
Cancellation: Free
Security: Guarded Complex

Sangam Hotel Kalam Swat

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Sangam Hotel Kalam

Sangam Hotel, Irrigation Rest House Road, Kalam,19011, Swat, KPK, Pakistan rating starrating star

Contact Number : 03455889945, 0512364301

About Property

The Sangam Hotel is situated in a nice location and occupies an attractive two story building with balconies, verandahs and a nice garden. Spacious and tidy rooms and an excellent restaurant make it a good place to stay in Swat, Pakistant. Sangam is located at Kalam, it is a bets hotel with very peaceful and enjoy ful environment. It also provide a Standard and 3 bedrooms with very clean toilets and other good facilities. It is a very good and stylish place for send a vacations with family and friends. A gallant hotel building with two stories in the heart of the town. The hotel is a unique experience and serene place for those looking for shelter from the burning heat of the plains. One feels at home, as he enters the hotel premises. The ever smiling staff is ready to welcome you 24 hours a day throughout the year. Rooms: 20 Rooms

Available Rooms People Available Price Book Now
Standard Double Bed Room number of peoplenumber of people Available PKRs.9000 03455889945
Deluxe Double Bed Room number of peoplenumber of people Available PKRs.10500 03455889945
Check in Time: 02:00:00 PM
Check Out Time: 12:00:00 PM
Internet: Yes
Restaurant: Yes
Distance from airport: NA
Distance from market:1km
Cancellation: Free
Security: Guarded Complex

Neelum Valley

Astonishing Places in Neelum Valley by AJK Tours

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AJK Tours have been in the traveling and tourism field throughout recent decades and is the most put stock in organization all through the nation. AJK Tours has its clients on the main need providing them with the best of extravagant yet sensible lodgings, best nourishment in the town and not to overlook the adventuring jeeps and autos to investigate the mainstream places in Neelum Valley and in addition other northern places. Kashmir is known as the Heaven on Earth and Neelum Valley is the gem of the paradise. It is a standout amongst the most lovely places in Azad Kashmir.

Neelum Valley is situated in the North and North Eastern side of Muzaffarabad in view of its bow-like shape and it lies parallel to the LOC. It is associated with Kaghan Valley from the opposite side. It is a high-height valley and its rise is more than 4000 meters (13,123 feet) above ocean level. It comprises of 370 towns in complete. The valley includes thick timberland, clear water streams, waterways, fortune of jewel stones and minerals. Region Neelum is arranged 43 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and the territory is renowned for its minerals and pearl stone fortunes, prolific land, natural products like Apples, Apricots, Cherry, Walnuts and Plums are well known for their diverse taste and fragrance.

The Sarwali Pinnacle (rise: 6,326 meters/20,755 feet) is viewed as the most elevated mountain-crest in Azad Kashmir. A portion of the well-known places of the Valley are; Shounter Pass, Chitta Katha Lake, Ratti Gali Lake, Primate, Nuri-Top, Sharda, Kutton-Jagran, Kundal Shahi, Athmuqam, Kel, Arrang Kel, Surgan, Tao Butt and so forth. The essential reason for itinerary anticipate visiting wherever is to appreciate the outing with a casual mind; empowering and heartfelt journeying around. There are three essential guidelines for a phenomenal end-to-end wonderful visit is Find, Plan, and Appreciate. AJK Tours make a point to take after these three tenets to give its clients the fullest of their excursion. AJK Tours introduces amazing Neelum Valley visit Bundles which includes everything from Exploring of amazing places in Neelum Valley to their amazing Inns and Waterway side Eatery’s and very amazing town nourishment and not to overlook the jeeps and rental autos for your exploring needs. AJK Tours is your simple go to sidekick for your traveling necessities. AJK Tours ensures you visit each places in Neelum Valley and that you fulfill your exploring soul.

AJK Tours have been granted as the best cordial Traveling Organization by their customers for their amazing client benevolent staff and not to overlook the client neighborly bundles that influence you to appreciate as well as your financial plan appreciates too. AJK Tours have been in the field throughout recent decades and is adored by its clients for their aggressive evaluated bundles.

Luxus Hunza Resort Hunza

Astounding and Reasonable Hunza Tour Packages by AJK Tours

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AJK Tours have been serving in the field of tourism since ages now and have been the most cherished and regarded voyaging organization by its clients. AJK Tours primary concentration is to give its clients the best of everything by their stunning neighborliness and minimum to say our astonishing Hunza tour packages. AJK Tours makes a point to encourage its clients with rich yet moderate lodgings and not to overlook the astonishing nourishment and extravagance autos and jeeps to appreciate the get-away to its fullest. Hunza Valley is best for magnificence darlings. Hunza tour bundle is about epic valley, culture and sheer experience.

Hunza is a remote mountain kingdom. The region came to be known in the 1970s after the consummation of the Karakoram Highway (KKH); a colossal wonder captivating the old silk course from Pakistan into China. Hunza valley tour Packages might demonstrate to us the reasonable cleaned and light-looked at Hunza kuts are notable to be relatives of officers lost from Alexander’s armed force as he attacked old India. Their dialect is Burushaski. The excellence of Hunza valley heaven is unparalleled; from the delicate blooms of the apricot trees to the dull snowcapped shake landmarks of Rakaposhi (7788 m.) and as of late climbed UltarSar (7388 m.) punching a clear blue setting high above.

The much prestigious Hunza valley is regularly alluded to as paradise on earth, encompassed in the amazing Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain run, this place has been an incredible tourist fascination for a long time. Hunza valley is maybe a standout amongst the most delightful and appealing territories in northern regions. This zone brags of probably the most tremendous landscape on the planet. A significant number of the most astounding mountains on the planet are situated in hunza and gilgit. The general population is outlandish and differed.

AJK Tours has a considerable measure of investigating places incorporated into their Hunza Tour Packages tallying the best most well-known spots to visit in Hunza. Their bundle incorporates going to of Rakaposhi and its View Point, Karimabad, Altit stronghold, Baltit fortress, Eagle Nest Hunza, Attabad lake Hunza Valley, Passu, Rush lake, Gojal Village, Sust Border and considerably more. AJK Tours ensure that their customers are presented with the astounding yet reasonable packages so they appreciate to their fullest of get-away. AJK Tours have been checking themselves in field with their most recent and current strategies to influence their customers to have the best involvement. AJK Tours presents internet booking of your most loved lodgings only a single tick away. You can visit our site and book your most loved lodgings and Hunza Tour Packages and appreciate the fullest of your excursion. AJK Tours have been by a long shot your simple go to partner and will make a point to precede with this friendship sick the end.


3 Days Holiday Honeymoon Tour Package to Swat

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There’s so much that you can explore while you’re in Swat for 72 hours. From adventure to nightlife of Behrain, the Mingora city lets you explore its varied side to the fullest. Here are the things that should be on the top of your itinerary to maximize you trip to Swat.

3 Days Package (Pick and drop from Islamabad to Islamabad)
Day Itinerary Night Stay Spots
Day 1 Islamabad  to Mingora Mingora  Swat Saidu Shareef, Fizaghat, Mingora
Day 2 Day tour to Malimjabba Mingora  Swat Malimjabba, Miandam, Bahrain
Day 3 Mingora to Islamabad (6.5 Hours) Mingora Bazar
Total Cost : PKR. 36,000 including transport(Corolla)  and accommodation(1 Room)

Places to visit in Swat:


Swat Saerena Hotel Saidu Sharif Pool

Attractions | Things to do| Places to visit in Swat

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Recommendation: Book a complete tour package AJKTOURS to enjoy fully guided Swat Tour with complete accommodations and transport arrangements by the assistance of our expert Swat travel guide.

Swat Tour Packages

Miandam Swat Valley

Miandam Swat Valley

Culturally enriched and historically known for Buddha civilization deep lies in beautiful valley of Pakistan,Let’s an overview of Top 10 best places to visit in Swat Valley.Tourists all around the world set their journey to explore Kalam, Mahodand Lake, Malam Jabba, Takht-i-Bahi, Saidu Sharif, Ushu Forest, Mingora and Buddha Stupas. Pashtuns dominated area where living style is simple and elegant, enchanting vocals of water streams and Swat river along road side is one of the best experience while on visit to Swat valley.

10 – Takht i Bahi

Takht-i-Bahi is located in Mardan district about 165 kilometers from Capital city Islamabad, Pakistan. Structure depicts the Buddhist monastery which attracts local and foreign tourists from all around the world, to reach it you need to hike 2 kilometers from Takht-i-Bahi market.

09 – Mingora

Mingora is 255 Kilometers from Islamabad City and remains as commercial hub of Swat district, mainly tourist attractions are Mingora Bazaar, Fiza Ghat River side, Fiza Ghat Park, hotels and shopping centers. You may also find Buddha stupas, lush green agricultural land where is grown, water channels and simple way of life in Mingora Town.

08- Saidu Sharif and Marghzar

On 7 kilometers drive from Mingora bazaar, saidu sharif is located along with PTDC , Serena Hotel.About 13 kilometers from Saidu Sharif, Marghzar is located which is famous for White Palace. Things to do in Marghzar are shopping like shawls, carpets, traditional caps and sightseeing of white palace architecture, lush green garden. White Palace constructed in mid 1900’s with white marble, local tourists from all around the world visit Marghzar to sight this beautiful attraction of Swat valley.

07 – Malam Jabba

45 kilometers from Mingora up along hillside chairlift, skiing resort and pine trees are famous attraction in Malam Jabba. Road from Mingora to Malam Jabba is not in very good condition it take 3 hours to reach from Mingora to Malam Jabba. In winters KPK tourism offers annual Skiing competition.

06 – Madyan & Behrain

On drive of 52 Kilometers from Mingora City two tourist destinations are located namely Madyan and Behrain both are along Swat river and small water streams. These are famous for nightlife like trout fishes, spicy foods and amazing weather in summers.

05- Kalam

Kalam the valley of dense forest, moderate temperature, tourists paradise, white streams and snow glaciers is about 95 kilometers from Mingora City at bumpy road. Kalakot, Qandeel, Damlai, Madyan, Trout fish point are key attraction while on visit to Kalam Valley.

04- Ushu forest

Deep shadows of scrapping trees and shrubs weaving with slight breeze makes the filmy scenic forest into famous tourist attraction.

03 – Kumrat Valley

52 Kilometers jeep track from Kalam an unexplored valley lies into lush green plateau on Utrar-dir road along Panjkora river. This valley don’t have hotels, inns and restaurants, it’s best to have day trip from Kalam to Kumrat valley.

02- Mighty 22 falls

Turning and flowing up from 100 ft which will fall directly amazed your heart with white waters, in summer Mighty 22 falls are best to visit.

01- Mahodand Lake

Horse riding, boating, fishing, kayaking into one of the wanderlust of Swat valley, tourists from all around the world set their journey to explore Mahodand lake. 35 Kilometers from Kalam on jeeps will take at least 3 hours but it’s worth seeing place in Swat Valley.

Mahodand Lake in Winter

For booking Call Now: 03455889945 or drop us an Email at [email protected]