Keran View Hotel Neelum Valley

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Keran View Lodges Keran Neelum Valley located on the bank of river in Kearn Neelum Valley, having executive and luxury rooms, ideal of families for their excursion & relaxation. Keran View Lodges having 14 luxurious and fully furnished equipped with all basic amenities including Restaurant, lawn, river view rooms, wifi and friendly staff.

The Most Amazing Places in Neelum Valley by AJK Tours

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AJK tours are one of the finest traveling organizations known in it’s field for your event vacationing. They ensure that their clients are furnished with the best of nourishment, lodgings, rental autos, and some more. AJK tours have one of the trending visits for you to visit Neelum Valley and every one of the places in Neelum Valley. Neelum Valley a 200KM bow molded region of Azad kashmir, 20Km far from Capital Muzaffarabad, all around knowned for its magnificence and vacation destinations.

Neelum valley is one of the wonderful places of Azad Kashmir and it’s named after the stream which has bends like snake and has blue shading. It is additionally called as the “PARASIDE OF KASHMIR”. There is a logical inconsistency that this valley was named after a valuable stone called Neelum. Neelum Valley is situated in the Kashmir Region and toward the North and the North East of Muzaffarabad and running parallel to the Kaghan Valley. It is not the same as it by snowstorm secured mountains which are 4000 meters higher than the sea level. It contains around 370 vast and little towns.

aIt for the most part contains slopes and mountains with incredible valleys. The valley has thick backwoods, streams and waterways. This valley is dunked in most amazing magnificence and draws in bunches of travelers from within the nation and other remote nations also. The valley can be drawn closer from two unique points. One from Kaghan Valley and the other is Noori Top. Other than these two it has numerous minor goes also. Climate of Neelum Valley is extremely lovely in summers and freezing in winters. Consistently a great many visitors hurry to investigate Neelum Valley.

Some of Major Attractions for Tourists to Visit the Places in Neelum Valley are Dhani Noseri Waterfall, Chilhena/Titwal, Kutton Jagran Valley, Keran Neelum Valley, Toabutt, Upper Neelum, Ratti Gali Lake, Sharda Neelum Valley, Kel/Arrang kel, Chitta Khatta Lake. AJK Tours take you to every one of the places in Neelum Valley and ensures you appreciate the most out of it so you recollect it even after a long time later. AJK tours is perceived for it’s client inviting staff and client benevolent costs too. We ensure that our extremely valuable clients are given the best , most extravagant yet moderate evaluated inns and autos; with the best sustenance in town and jeeps and autos, including tours for your hiking “towards the mountain” list of things to get. AJK Tours gives you the best travel guide and visit for your vacationing designs with family, companions and regardless of whether it’s just you. Ajk tours ensures you appreciate the best minutes with all the time managing so you make the most out of it when you trust AJK tours.

Trends Neelum Valley Hotels by AJK Tours

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Neelum valley is one of the wonderful spots of Azad Kashmir and it’s named after the waterway which has bends like snake and has blue shading. It is additionally called as the “heaven of Pakistan”. There is an inconsistency that this valley was named after a valuable stone called Neelum. Neelum Valley is situated in the Kashmir Region and toward the North and the North East of Muzaffarabad and running parallel to the Kaghan Valley.

It is not the same as it by snowstorm secured mountains which are 4000 meters higher than the sea level. It contains around 370 expansive and little villages. It for the most part contains slopes and mountains with incredible valleys. The valley has thick woodland, streams and waterways. This valley is dunked in most astounding magnificence and draws in loads of tourists from inside the nation and other remote nations too. The trends in Hotels in Neelum Valley are also according to the culture of people living there.


Men of these valleys wear ordinary Shalwar Kameez thus does the ladies. The men generally wear a weskit in light of the fact that in summers additionally the climate there is lovely and cool and when we discuss winters the sweaters and the typical coats becomes possibly the most important factor. Ladies likewise wear the Shalwar Kameez and you won’t see a solitary woman wearing a tight pants or shirt. Ladies of these valley jump at the chance to cover their countenances aswell and for the most part every one of them wear a Burka or if not this than cover themselves with duppata, you will find the same trend in Hotels in Neelum Valley, Make booking online by AJK Tours


The official dialect which is talked in this valley is Urdu since it can be comprehended by for the most part anybody in the valley with the goal that’s the sole purpose behind it. The nearby blend of individuals including Kashmiris talks their own neighborhood dialects Kashmiri or Pahari or Hindko. The few of the general population living there additionally take after Punjabi and Pashto aswell in light of the fact that some Punjabi’s and Pathan’s are likewise doing their business in the valley.

Best reliable Naran tour packages offered by AJK Tours

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Naran is a medium measured town arranged in upper kaghan valley which is a piece of Khyber Pakhtun khwa region of Pakistan. It is a standout amongst the most lovely piece of northern zones in pakistan which is lifted 2500 meters above ocean level. Its magnificence catches many individuals towards itself and consequently it is a well known resort for tourists and trekkers. The climate of Naran is exceptionally cool. The ice on the moutain best never liquefies, even in long stretches of June and Jully there are ice sheets and mountains are secured with snow. The street to naran valley travells nearby with River Kunhar which Starts from the ice sheets of Kaghan and stream where it counts in mansehra. If you are planning to visit Naran then contact AJK Tours for best Naran tour packages.

The Inhabitant of Naran Valley are essentially Gujars and you will discover them exceptionally liberal and well-meaning. They respect the tourists pleasantly and treats them like their own friends. Their principle wellspring of wage is the tourists and their occupations incorporate tour guides, resthouse administrators, businesspeople, eatery laborers, jeep drivers, some of them additionally develop yields and some of them are shepherds. However, their entire fortune is simply gotten together in the late spring season as in winters the entire zone is concealed in snow and they need to move down to mansehra or some other hoter put. Ladies are housewifes for the most part remains at home. You will also discover just a single govt grade school where a portion of the nearby’s youngsters went for considering. Next to that there was no arrangement of instruction overthere.

The fundamental things of Naran valley are dry foods grown from the ground. One of the handiworks you should purchase are the imaginatively cut Walnuts and another well known thing is the Namdas, the woolen felt mats while woolen shawls, weaved shawls and shirts are likewise avalibale. These places have bungalow businesses running and you can wind up having astounding deals.

Naran tour packages by AJK Tours also include a little bazaar like Murree shopping center street. The essential necessities of life are promptly accessible at there. Cell systems, portable shopes, pastry kitchen, general store, tailors and even hair stylists are accessible in the primary bazar. It has more than 100 hotels of different sorts going from top of the line lavish hotels to low evaluated motels. Tent motels are additionally present which lease family measure tents to tourists to remain in.

Best online Hunza Valley tour packages by Ajktours

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The general population of Hunza valley have a rich culture, and they maintain themselves to and show the most elevated level of pluralism. They have regard for each sort of decent variety, which they use to reinforce the general public and make opportunities.The Hunza Valley is well known for its mountains – snow topped and rough. Despite the fact that Rakaposhi is arranged in the neighboring Nagar Valley, a great many people come to Hunza just to get a couple of looks of the sparkling ice mass of the Rakaposhi Mountain. You can see the pinnacle transcending before you from Karimabad, Hunza. A significant number of these mountains wear snow cover for the majority of the year and ajktours likewise give finish guidance for hicking

Upper Hunza, well known as Gojal Valley, is renowned for its lakes. Who doesn’t think about the Attabad Lake? Truly, the popular lake is arranged in Gojal Valley. The lake was shaped because of an enormous avalanche in 2010 that hindered the water stream in the Hunza River, making the Attabad Lake, which now happens to be an exceptionally acclaimed tourist historic point and cookout spot. The Attabad Lake is an extraordinary place for sailing darlings and is in the Hunza valley tour pakages by Ajktours

And after that there is the celebrated Borit Lake, settling wonderfully on a raised place over the KKH called Borit town. The lake is a problem area for transient winged animals (particularly Siberian ducks), and a decent open door for you to put your swimming aptitudes under serious scrutiny.

Convenience and eating offices are vital with regards to spending your occasions, and fortunately you’ll locate an expansive number of lodgings in Hunza. In spite of the fact that a large portion of the inns offer fundamental offices, there are a couple of that offer extravagance services. In Central Hunza, you can discover sensibly evaluated lodgings in Karimabad and Aliabah which Ajktours dependably remember in their Hunza valley tour packages to give their customers the best and in the meantime sensible costs . In Upper Hunza, you’ll discover great hotel offices in Gulmit, Passu and Sost. The greater part of these inns additionally offer pick and drop services, eatery offices and data about the local points of interest So Ajktours give the best of lodgings in their Hunza valley tour packages and in addition they give the best guidance to local guide and take you the best places

Ajktours additionally gives most secure and finish transport services keeping in mind the end goal to give the customers finish packages with no inconvience in the trip

Afforable Neelam valley tour packages Ajktours

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Neelam valley is named after the Neelum Stream,.The valley is arranged in the north-east of Muzaffarabad, running parallel to the valley of Kaghan. The two valleys are isolated by snow-secured crests, some more than 4,000 meters (13,000 ft) above ocean level. The valley extends from around 50 kilometers north of Muzaffarabad to the current Line of Control amongst AJK and Indian Kashmir.The valley is associated with Muzaffarabad by the Neelam Street, which paves the way to Kel. In the winters, due to heavy snowfall, it hard to achieve the upper parts of the valley.The Neelum Valley is loaded with delightful and noteworthy spots, for example, Sharda Peeth.

There are two noteworthy spots for settlement in Neelum Valley; Sharda and Keran. Ajktours provies the best inns neelam valley tour packages that offer extremely lovely and beautiful perspectives of both these landscapes. The lodgings are extremely moderate and shoddy. Keran and Neelum, both arranged on the Neelum Waterway, the view is amazing and is a sight to wake up to. It is a valley of fountains, springs, waterfalls, flowering trees and plants. Geographically too, it is a hospitable valley

In the Neelum Valley tour packages are for the most part exceptionally occupied during the time because of the tremendous number of tourists that visit the place consistently. On the off chance that you are wanting to book a trip to Neelum Valley, ensure that you book your rooms ahead of time to maintain a strategic distance from bother via ajktours. The valley is connected to whatever remains of the nation by the Neelam street, which goes the distance till Kel. The streets are in satisfactory condition and reasonable for a wide range of transportation.

The winter months are very dubious for drivers as the overwhelming snow falls discourage vision and the dangerous ice makes it a test to drive however Ajktours gives the best and most secure courses for transportation in their Neelam valley tour packages to give their quality time in Neelam valley. In neelam valley tour packages by Ajktours there are possibilities for mountain moving to see the excellence Of the valley very close and make the outing memorable. Aswell as , Hicking should be possible to invest and appreciate energy at the lovely place of Pakistan

Best Naran Tour Packages by AJK Tours

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Naran Kaghan Tours at the present time the most happening and demanding Tour in Northern Pakistan. Naran Kaghan Shogran Valley is residential community in high grounds of Kaghan Valley. Naran Valley is 119 kilometer from Manshera City. This town is picturesque and most well known tourist fascination of Pakistan. AJK tour trusts Naran Valley is celebrated because of its area as it can be come to in only one single day from capital city of Pakistan , Islamabad. AJK tours gives the best of Naran Tour Packages. Naran Kaghan valley is relying upon Kunhar River which is additionally called as Naran River. Naran Valley is for the most part popular in light of its tranquil areas, lake saiful malook, lake Lulusar, Babusar Top and particularly Trout Fish. Trout Fish is sent out everywhere throughout the world from this Tourist area of Pakistan. Many of the people enamored with angling can attempt their fates by angling poles in Kunhar River as waterway stream is very smooth and exceptionally chilled. AJK tour encourages you with all these vaccationing in their Naran tour packages.

Ajk tours tries its best to guarantee to furnishes it clients with best of Naran Tour Packages . Naran is best known for its tranquil so Ajktours gives best lodgings that gives clients its needs and needs and give the best of the perspective of The excellent Naran . Ajktours dependably remember to give best offices at reasonable rates in their Naran tour Packages with Ajktours give all offices like Rental autos giving agreeable transport to the simplicity of Ajktour’s clients , Options for best Food and in addition breakfast and a total guide for tour to each delightful place to Naran. What’s more, giving jeep too to the precarious zones of Naran and stunning touring perspectives to appreciate the full Naran tour Packages.



AjJK tour has been putting forth different Naran Tour packages in light of value, Hotels, method of transportations and number of days therefore making it workable for Couples, Families and corporate gathering to visit and investigate most went to place of Northern zones of Pakistan in better than average spending plan. All the more then 100 Positive Reviews on Facebook is declaration to our mark administrations .


Naran tour packages by AJK tours are accessible all around the cleander along these lines Summer session is perfect for going by Kaghan valley as a result of its pleasurable temperature. In winters you cannot go past Naran on the grounds that streets are hindered because of snow. Amid summer session you can without much of a stretch go till Babusar Pass because of open street. Consequently June to September is a perfect time to visit Kaghan Valley.

AJK tour gives it’s clients the best and most moderate yet luxourious lodgings in their Naran Tour packages.There are numerous different inns and rest houses in Naran including PTDC MOTEL, HOTEL SILVER GLEAM, PINE TRACK HOTEL, VALLEY GATEWAY HOTEL. GRANDEOUR HOTEL is a moderate lodging in Naran and Ajktours dependably remember to give best with reasonable rates.

Inconceivable places You should visit in Neelam Valley

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AjkTours ensures that individuals get the opportunity to see the delightful strives and places in neelam valley . The Neelam River was referred to before Partition as Kishan Ganga and was in this manner renamed after the town of Neelam. It streams down from the Gurez Valley in Indian Jammu and Kashmir and generally takes after initial a western and afterward a south-western course until the point that it joins the Jhelum River at Muzaffarabad. The valley is a thickly lush locale with a height extending between 4,000 feet (1,200 m) and 7,500 feet (2,300 m), the mountain tops on either side achieving 17,000 feet (5,200 m).

Neelam District is ]on the south-west by Muzaffarabad ], which likewise includes the lower ranges of the valley, toward the north-west past the mountains lies the Kaghan Valley in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Mansehra District, toward the north and north-east are the Diamer, Astore and Skardu areas of Gilgit-Baltistan. Toward the south and east are the Kupwara and Bandipora areas of Indian Kahsmir. The Line of Control goes through the valley – either over the mountains toward the south-east, or in places appropriate along the waterway, with a few towns on the left bank of the stream falling on the Indian side of the outskirt. The roads are now re counstructed and it’s a safe way to head to visit Places in Neelam Valley

AjkTours proposes to visit these Incredible Places in Neelam Valley : .

Dhani Noseri Waterfall : Dhani Waterfall is around 30 Kilometers From Muzzafrabad and in month of March ot June in each season water stream stays great however in July to onwards water level stay low. This waterfall gives an amazing perspective that can always be  remembered as this is an unquestionable Place to visit  in Neelam valley

Kutton Jagran Valley : Kutton Jagran Valley is pearl valley with kutton waterfall, jagran stream, HEB resorts. Kutton is the primary spot where vacationer intend to remain at as the waterfall pulls in all the traveler and individuals around

Keran Neelum Valley : Keran is found 93 kilometers from Muzaffarabad and understood as a result of neelum waterway streaming calmly. A visitor Motel by AJK Tourism is developed to encourage tourists.This valley comes in top 10 places to visit in Neelam valley as a result of the situation the place gives to the general population going to on account of the place covering by delightful trees and mountais

Ratti Gali Lake : Ratti Gali Lake is 18 kilometers from Dowarian, lake is elevated ice sheets lake, red blooms and green fields all around. 15 kilometers jeep track built by PWD Neelum to encourage visitor. Outdoors office is likewise accessible at Ratti Gali Resort . Is an unquestionable requirement visit put in Neelam Valley because of its stunning perspective of water lake between wide mountains


The best places to visit in Hunza Valley through AJK Tours

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Pakistan is a standout amongst the most excellent nations on the planet has wonderful valleys, waterfalls, lakes, mountains, deserts, springs, ice sheets, waterways, seas, scenes, and lovely woodland. Hunza is the most excellent and brilliant mountainous valley in the Gilgit Baltistan. Hunza is a mountainous valley in the Gilgit-Baltistan locale of Pakistan. The Hunza is arranged in the extraordinary northern piece of Pakistan, bordering with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang locale of China. territory at first sight. Hunza the remote mountainous valley lies in the north east of Pakistan. In spite of the fact that there are numerous Places to visit in Hunza yet it’s excellence is considered due to it’s great snow topped mountainous scene, green fruitful valleys, substantial icy masses and untouched nature, Hunza is known as “The Paradise on Earth”.

It is arranged at a stature of 8,500 feet above ocean level and is encompassed by mountain crests some as high as 25,550 feet. The inhabitants of Hunza are Ismaili Muslims of Shia group. They are benevolent and cordial individuals. Because of their basic way of life and interaction with nature, they carry on with a long life. Genuine diseasesare unbelievable as is corpulence.


The best Places to visit in Hunza are Rakaposhi mountain, Ultra sar, The Baltit Fort, Altit Fort, Hunza stream which can be visited through AJK tours. The principal main towns as you originate from Gilgit on the main Karakorum Highway is Aliabad. There are staggering perspectives of Rakaposhi mountain (7788 meters), PTDC Motel Hunza and other little lodgings are situated on the main Karakorum parkway here. Simply above Aliabad on the slope are Altit and Baltit towns the core of Hunza. There is an extremely interesting Bazaar and two Forts in Altit and Baltit Villages. The Baltit stronghold has as of late been restored and changed over into a guided gallery. AJK tours ensures you make the most of your excursion without limitations with the best spending bargains for individuals and families. The best accessible rents, inns and nourishment and the best places to visit in Hunza can be reserved through AJK tours. Khunjerab Pass is a typical territory where trekkers cross. You can begin hiking there from the town of Hopar, which is just reachable by a limited extend of jeepable street that stretches out from the Kakoram Highway. As you walk, you’ll run over some outstanding pinnacles and cross mammoth icy masses that are notable to local people.

Batura Passu icy mass is the fifth longest icy mass on the planet. It is a pristine white common arrangement of incredible magnificence. Close Passu sits the magnificent Batura Glacier, which is large to the point that it pushes the edge of the expressway. The ice sheet is in a consistent condition of progress and withdraw. As of late as 1976, it secured both the street and the scaffold that traversed the stream.


You can find amazing arrangements for the best places to visit in Hunza through AJK tours with value correlation and most sumptuous lodgings to remain at including rental autos, sustenance and considerably more to your get-away bundle. Take it easy and have a blasting get-away with much fun and fulfillment through AJK tours. Hunza is undoubtly the Shangri-la of James Hilton’s novel The Lost Horizon. It is presumably the most Photogenic point on the planet.

Best Affordable Hotels in Neelum Valley by AJK TOURS

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AJK TOURS are your happy to go traveling company which facilitates it’s customers with the best of their vacation. Neelum Valley is arranged at the North and North-East of Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir, running parallel to Kaghan Valley. The two valleys are just isolated by snow-secured tops, some more than 4000m above ocean level. Superb grand magnificence, all encompassing perspectives, transcending slopes on the two sides of the boisterous Neelum waterway, rich green woodlands. Neelum Valley is a standout amongst the most interesting goals for vacationers in northern territories of Pakistan. Tall Waterfall, Lush Green knolls, River side convenience and thick wilderness make it appealing for guests.

AJK TOURS touches The most famous of all spots to visit in Neelum Valley Tour Packages that includePatika, Dhani Waterfall, LOC, Kutton Waterfall, Keran, Upper Neelum, Sharda Temple, KishanGhatti, Maidaan, Kel, ArrangKeil, Halmat, Janowai, Phulawai, RattiGali Lake, Sirwali Peak, Halmat, Chitta Katha Lake and Taobat. Neelum Valley is extremely rich in culture, normal excellence and friendliness. You can discover lodgings in Neelum Valley nearly at each spot. In spite of the fact that Neelum is under developement stage, so you can not discover any 4 star or 5 star inn however yet can book perfect and Clean lodgings on waterway side in sensible lease through AJK Tours.You can discover Pine Park Lodges by AJK Tours situated on the bank of stream in KearnNeelum Valley, having official and extravagance rooms, perfect of families for their trip and relaxation.If you are searching for an agreeable inn in keran valley with see at that point visit our site , and you may discover Poshmal Guest House Keran there which may be the correct decision for you. Poshmal Guest House Keran is situated on stream bank in Neelum Valley.

It is comprising of 14 sumptuous and completely outfitted rooms. Poshmaal Guest House is secured zone of 5 Canals. Beautiful lodging area and neelum stream makes this inn one of the finest inn of Neelum Valley. You can find the best of best hotels and resorts through AJK TOURS. We are in Azad Kashmir along with premeir occasion administration firm sorting out corporate occasions like Trainings, Workshops, Conferences, Youth Summits, Seminars, Exhibitions and Adventure sports occasions. We trust that regardless of how lovely and fascinating environment, one can appreciate the occasion encounter just if calm, loose and learned game plans have been made on account of solace and wellbeing. It is an effortless occasion. AJK TOURS conveys to all its esteemed customers. We try that once our visitor share snickers with us, and that returns over and over and prescribe us. . We are putting forth following administrations:

– Complete Neelum Valley Tour Packages bundles including boarding, lodging and transport alongwith indoor/outside exercises .

– Complete Event Management administrations, Conferences, Exhibitions and capacitiy/group building exercises

– Organizing recreational exercises i.e. Paintball, Paragliding, Rafting, Fising, Archery and so on.