Keran View Hotel Neelum Valley

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Keran View Lodges Keran Neelum Valley located on the bank of river in Kearn Neelum Valley, having executive and luxury rooms, ideal of families for their excursion & relaxation. Keran View Lodges having 14 luxurious and fully furnished equipped with all basic amenities including Restaurant, lawn, river view rooms, wifi and friendly staff.


Book Neelum Star Hotel Keran on Cheap Rates: AJKTOURS

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Neelum Star Hotel Keran is located in main Chowk Keran, Neelum valley consisting of 13 carpeted rooms, suitable rates, services, family & clean rooms. Its old name was “keren Excellency Resort”.

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Poshmal Guest House Keran, Neelum Valley

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If you are looking for a comfortable hotel in keran valley with view, then Poshmal Guest House Keran is right choice for you. Poshmal Guest House Keran is located on river bank in Neelum Valley. It is consisting of 14 luxurious & fully furnished rooms. Karen is 85km away from Muzaffarabad towards Neelum Valley. Poshmaal Guest House is covered area of 5 Canals, one of the biggest hotel in Neelum Valley. Pictures of Poshmaal Guest House are given below.

Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-lawn Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-bed-room Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-exterior Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-restaurant Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-river-view Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-view Poshmaal-guest-house-keran-neelum-valley-view-river

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Green Village Resort Keran Feature

Green Village Resort Upper Neelum AJK

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Green Village Resort is located in Upper Neelum (5km away from Keran). From there you can have panaromic view of Keran. Most luxurious accommodation in Neelum Valley. To make your trip comfortable and memorable book on cheap room rents through ajktours.
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Booking of PTDC Motel Keran and Neelum Valley

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Tourism Department of AJK is operating PTDC Motels in Neelum Valley same like PTDC Pakistan.There are many Guest Houses have been built to facilitate the tourists. Tourism Guest House Kutton, Tourism Guest House Keran, Tourism guest house Kel and Sharda. Many of them has been leased out to private companies. But in Keran, Upper Keran/Neelum and Kel are still being operated by AJK Tourism Department a.k.a PTDC Motel among tourists. There are 6 rooms in Tourism Guest House Keran including 2 VIP Rooms. Rent vary between 3500 to 5200(Service Charges Included). There are also 5 Huts being run by AJK Tourism Department in Upper Neelum or Upper Keran. You may book these huts by by paying some service charges. All Guest houses are located on prime location of the town. Some of them are located on river side that attracts the tourists the most. Book your trip package on just one phone call.

PTDC-Tourists-Lodges-Keran-Tourism-Exterior-Guest-House PTDC-Tourists-Lodges-Keran-Tourism-Exterior-Guest-House-river-side-view PTDC-Tourists-Lodges-Keran-Tourism-Garden-Guest-House

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Deluxe Room

Hotels in Azad Kashmir (Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot)

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Neelum Valley is the District of Azad Kashmir. Neelum valley is not the name of any area, instead there are many villages famous among tourists. Kutton, Keran, Upper Neelum, Upper Keran, Sharda, Kel, Halmat and upto Taobat. When you are talking about visiting Neelum Valley, Family Hotels should be your top concern. AJKTOURS offers best accommodation on each location where you want to have a stay.
Hotels in Kutton

Kutton is a valley famous for its beauty, Water streams and waterfalls.

State Continental Guest House Kutton (4000/room)

Jagran Resort (3500/room)

Sweet Dreams guest House Kutton (3500/room/night)


Muzaffarabad (3500/room/night)
Musafir Khana Guest House Muzaffarabad
Rooftop Guest House Muzaffarabad

Kashmir Lodges Guest House Muzaffarabad

Keran (4000/room/night)

Neelum Green Land Hotel Keran

Perfect Continental Resort, Keran

Athmaqam (3500/room/night)
DreamLand Guest House Shahkot

Accommodation in Sharda (4000/room)

Gash Valley Guest House Sharda

State Continental Guest House Sharda

Zoom Guest House Sharda

Kel (3500/room/night)

Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel Neelum Valley

Rawalakot (4500/room/night)
Gulf Palace Hotel Rawalakot

Banjosa Night Bridge Hotel Rawalakot



Disclaimer : For any type of accommodation provided to the client(e.g private or government rest houses); client is charged for the standard rent and our service charges, that may differ depending upon the region.


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Perfect Continental Keran

Pictures of Perfect Continental Resort, Keran

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Perfect Continental Resort located just 2.5km before Keran. It has more than 10 furnished rooms and parking facility.To book hotel please contact AJKTOURS. PC Resort is one of the most economical hotel in Keran, though it is located on road side but yet offering all basic amenities e.g hot water and restaurant.

DSC02515 DSC02516 DSC02517 DSC02518 DSC02519 DSC02520 DSC02521 DSC02522 DSC02523 DSC02524 DSC02525 DSC02526 DSC02527 DSC02528 DSC02529 DSC02530 DSC02531 DSC02535 DSC02536 DSC02537 DSC02538 DSC02539 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley-_rooms PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley-_rooms0 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley-_rooms02 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley-_rooms025 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley2 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley3 PC-Perfect-continental-Resort-Danger-Keran_Neelum-Valley4


Keran Neelum Valley

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Lower Neelum (Keran):


At a distance of about 9Kms from Athmaqam, Neelum (Karen) is situated on the Right Bank of Neelum River at about 1524 meters above sea level. It has fascinating scenery. A small bazaar and a tourist rest house situated on the bank of meandering river Neelum across which one can have a glance at the Indian held Kashmir.

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