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Zoom Guest House Sharda Neelum Valley

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Zoom Guest House located in main Sharda on the river bank. Having comfortable rooms and free wifi attract visitors to stay in Zoom Guest House Sharda as no other hotel in Sharda offering wifi. Zoom has the lowest room rent in Sharda hotels.
Sharda is one of the famous tourist spots in Neelum Valley. People like to stay in hotels located on river bank. You can visit Kishan Ghatti, Sharda Temple(Buddhist University), Surgan, Maidan and Sharda bazar while staying in Sharda.
You can also make is base camp to visit kel, Arrang Kel and taobat.

Sharda Guest House Hotel Neelum Valley
Hotels in Sharda Neelum Valley

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Sharda University Pictures

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In Sharda one can find ruins of an old place (of 9th century) of learning called Sharda University. The presence of these ruins lends Sharda is a historical background providing special attraction for the people interested in archaeology and history.


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