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Pictures of DreamLand Guest House Shahkot

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Dreamland guest house Athmuqam is located just 4 hours drive from Muzaffarabad at Shahkot Atmuqam Neelum valley AJK. It is a pre fabricated hotel in Athmuqam that offers best and comfortable accommodation to tourist, holiday makers and groups visiting Neelum valley. It is situated near the bank of  fresh water stream that makes it idea for young adults to enjoy and swim. With its delicious cuisine, Dream land hotel Athmuqam offers one of the finest hospitality sevices in Neelum valley AJK. So book your next hotel stay here during your summer holiday tours of Neelum Valley AJK.

Guest House Facility Includes

  • Best room service
  • Best cuisine
  • 24 hours room service
  • Rent a car on payment11 21 Dreamland-shahkot-NeelumValley Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley2 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley3 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley4 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley5 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley6 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley7 Picture-of-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley8 Picture-of-Rooms-in-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley9 Picture-of-Rooms-in-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley10 Picture-of-Rooms-in-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley11 Picture-of-Rooms-in-Dreamland-hotel-shahkot-NeelumValley12 shahkot-dreamland-night-view

Conference Facilities In Neelum Valley

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Conference Facilities In Neelum Valley

AJKTours is honoured to offer conference facilities in Neelum Valley for corporatesand businesses from all over Pakistan. We offer complete corporate packages including transport, boarding and lodging services in Kutton , Keran and Sharda.

Our Corporate Packages include :

The above mentioned per head rates are inclusive of the following:

  • Conference Area with multimedia.
  • Green tea during conference.
  • Best available Accommodation in Neelum Valley.
  • Breakfast with Paratha, Anda and Tea.
  • Dinner and lunch with rich menu.
  • One B.B.Q Dinner During the Stay.
  • Bonfire & Movie night.
  • Musical Night.
  • Guided Tour of the nearby hills.
  • Sports Facilities i.e Tennis Court, Snooker Table, Gym in Kutton Resort.


kutton sitting

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