Swat Hotels

Exploring the Serenity of Mahodand Lake

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Swat Valley,...
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Burj Al Swat

Hotels in Swat

Swat is the most frequently visited destination by...
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Mid Hills Hotel Kalam

Mid Hills Hotel Kalam Mall Road Kalam.  Contact...
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Golden Star Hotel Kalam

Golden Star Hotel Kalam Main Kalam, KPK, Pakistan ...
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Kalam Honeymoon Hotel 8910

Honeymoon Hotel Kalam 8,9,10 Main Kalam Road, Kalam...
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Sangam Hotel Kalam Swat

Sangam Hotel Kalam Sangam Hotel, Irrigation Rest House...
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Hotel Hill City Fizaghat Mingora Swat

Hotel Hill City Fizaghat Mingora Swat Hotel Hill...
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Rockcity Resort Fizaghat

Hotel Rock City Resort Fizaghat Swat

Reserve rooms in Hotel Rock City Swat on...
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