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Hotels in Azad Kashmir (Neelum Valley, Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot)

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Neelum Valley is the District of Azad Kashmir. Neelum valley is not the name of any area, instead there are many villages famous among tourists. Kutton, Keran, Upper Neelum, Upper Keran, Sharda, Kel, Halmat and upto Taobat. When you are talking about visiting Neelum Valley, Family Hotels should be your top concern. AJKTOURS offers best accommodation on each location where you want to have a stay.
Hotels in Kutton

Kutton is a valley famous for its beauty, Water streams and waterfalls.

State Continental Guest House Kutton (4000/room)

Jagran Resort (3500/room)

Sweet Dreams guest House Kutton (3500/room/night)


Muzaffarabad (3500/room/night)
Musafir Khana Guest House Muzaffarabad
Rooftop Guest House Muzaffarabad

Kashmir Lodges Guest House Muzaffarabad

Keran (4000/room/night)

Neelum Green Land Hotel Keran

Perfect Continental Resort, Keran

Athmaqam (3500/room/night)
DreamLand Guest House Shahkot

Accommodation in Sharda (4000/room)

Gash Valley Guest House Sharda

State Continental Guest House Sharda

Zoom Guest House Sharda

Kel (3500/room/night)

Musk Deer Resort Arrang Kel Neelum Valley

Rawalakot (4500/room/night)
Gulf Palace Hotel Rawalakot

Banjosa Night Bridge Hotel Rawalakot



Disclaimer : For any type of accommodation provided to the client(e.g private or government rest houses); client is charged for the standard rent and our service charges, that may differ depending upon the region.


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Sakoon Hilltop Guest House Muzaffarabad

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Sitting on top of the Muzaffarabad, Hill Top (Sakoon HillTop) is the only guest house in Muzaffarabad with City View of Muzaffarabad.
4 terraces – Indigo I, II, III, IV – open onto the adjacent valley and its hamlet, providing a spectacular aerial view of Muzaffarabad City. The decor of each of these terrace is a unique theme, and together they provide an environment that can cater to every need and mood of a varied clientele. There is a general terrace; terrace for families; and a balcony for those in search of solitude and security.
Hill Top (Sakoon HillTop) Guest House consists of 10 fully furnished rooms.

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Zoom Guest House Sharda Neelum Valley

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Zoom Guest House located in main Sharda on the river bank. Having comfortable rooms and free wifi attract visitors to stay in Zoom Guest House Sharda as no other hotel in Sharda offering wifi. Zoom has the lowest room rent in Sharda hotels.
Sharda is one of the famous tourist spots in Neelum Valley. People like to stay in hotels located on river bank. You can visit Kishan Ghatti, Sharda Temple(Buddhist University), Surgan, Maidan and Sharda bazar while staying in Sharda.
You can also make is base camp to visit kel, Arrang Kel and taobat.

Sharda Guest House Hotel Neelum Valley
Hotels in Sharda Neelum Valley

zoom-guest-house-sharda-boating zoom-guest-house-sharda-exterior zoom-guest-house-sharda-neelum-bed-room zoom-guest-house-sharda-neelum-valley-arieal-view zoom-guest-house-sharda-neelum-valley-balkoni zoom-guest-house-sharda-neelum-valley-camping-river-side zoom-guest-house-sharda-neelum-valley-road-side zoom-guest-house-sharda-parking zoom-guest-house-sharda-parking2

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SiriKot Shaheed Gali

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SiriKot and Shaheed Gali


“Sirikot” means “village at the top” or “hill-top village”, because “siri” means “top” and “kot” means “village”. The name is a reference to its mountainous physical geography. Shaheed Gali is situated at the height of 1640 meters above sea level at a distance of about 16 kilometers westward from Muzaffarabad. From Shaheed Gali a trek of 4 Kms leads towards a spot namely “Sri Kot”. A tourist is bound to be fascinated by the serenity for the backdrop of the area. A tourist Rest House is available for accommodation at Shaheed Gali.



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State Continental Guest House Kutton Neelum Valley

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State Continental Guest House is located beside of Jagran Waterstream at Kutton Neelum valley. The hotel consists of 4 Family Suites and 6 Double Standard Rooms. Kutton is just 78km (2.5 Hours of drive) away from Muzaffarabad.

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Family-Hut state-continental-guest-house-kutton-resort-hotel-neelum-valley state-continental-guest-house-kutton-resort-hotel-neelum-valley-parking state-continental-guest-house-kutton-resort-hotel-neelum-valley-parking2 DSC_0020

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Banjosa Night Bridge Hotel

Banjosa Night Bridge hotel Rawalakot

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Bunjosa Lake is a beautiful and vibrant place to be visted, and is currently fillful enjoying. The Hotel and Restaurant is situated near Bunjosa lake. To reserve hotel please contact AJKTOURS. It has luxurious 20 rooms with all basic facilities.


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