Booking of PTDC Motel Keran and Neelum Valley

  • April 15, 2016

The Tourism Department of AJK is operating PTDC Motels in Neelum Valley same like PTDC Pakistan. There are many Guest Houses have been built to facilitate the tourists. Tourism Guest House Kutton, Tourism Guest House Keran, Tourism guest house Kel and Sharda. Many of them have been leased out to private companies. But in Keran, Upper Keran/Neelum and Kel are still being operated by AJK Tourism Department a.k.a PTDC Motel among tourists. There are 6 rooms in Tourism Guest House Keran including 2 VIP Rooms. Rent varies between 3500 to 7000(Service Charges Included). There are also 5 Huts being run by AJK Tourism Department in Upper Neelum or Upper Keran. You may book these huts by by paying some service charges. All Guest houses are located on the prime locations of the town. Some of them are located on the riverside which attracts the tourists the most. Book your trip package with just one phone call.


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20 thoughts on “Booking of PTDC Motel Keran and Neelum Valley

  1. amin uddin
    want to book motel at different tourist destinations starting from 11 to 16 july. We are six family members.
    Thank you

  2. Dear I want to book 2Xrooms for 2 nights at Kel 01 Aug & 03 Aug 2016, we are 05 Frnds.


    Nawab Ali

  3. I am interested in booking for from 6th to 8th july 2017, please inform me if booking is available….

  4. AOA, Hope you will be fine.

    I want booking for 03 days (10-07-2017 to 13-07-2017) at Karen or upper Neelum.
    Kindly reply.


  5. I want to visit on coming weekend … please guide regarding rooms availability for 6 persons

    1. In September Keran Room rent will be 3500 for double bed room, 5000 for VIP Room & 4000 for Huts in Upper Neelum.

  6. I want to stay at upper neelum Govt huts. One hut where 8 member of a family may stay. 12,13,14 July 2023. Inform about availability

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