Hostels Vs Hotels

  • January 2, 2013

It’s the age old question for travellers. Should you stay in a hostel, or a hotel? Below is the list of factors, which can influence your choice

There’s no denying it, hostels by enlarge are much cheaper than a hotel to stay in. This is a major factor why many backpackers choose to stay in them.

Frills/No Frills
By nature hostels tend to be no frills. You get everything you need i.e. bed, linen (usually), bathroom facilities, cooking facilities etc. In most hotels however, there is more emphasis on the added frills element.

Self Catering facilities
Most good WorldWideHostels will have a kitchen available so that you can save money by eating in. After all, that’s what being a backpacker all is about. It’s budget travel so that you can use the same money to travel much longer. What I like about hostels (with kitchens) is that you have the option.

When thinking about the difference in service between a hotel and a hostel it is really hard to judge, because both offer different things. A hotel usually offers more services than a hostel, e.g. room service, a phone in the room etc, but in terms of staff delivering a good service I think hotel staff in general tend to me more polite/well dressed etc (in my experiences), but hostel staff give the best advice on where’s good to go, or tips for the area, and are as a general rule more like in depth with what a budget traveller wants/needs.

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